A Wake-Up Call

Jeane: In this last dream, there’s a young man getting ready to go to college who meets a young woman going to the same school. He notices that she’s incredibly athletic and limber compared to him.

He’s a typical young man – fit and strong – but she’s really limber. She’s been doing yoga and other practices.

He goes off to college and is just goofing off, the way one does when first away from home. Then he’s in a classroom where he is trying to do stretches, and he notices the young woman again. She’s just so limber that he’s impressed and so is everyone else.

Then she seems to have brought her mat over near his in the class, so he knows that there’s a connection or interest there.

Then one day he’s having trouble waking up. He hears a phone ring and she comes into his room and jumps on the bed and he has to let her answer the phone because he’s way too groggy.

He realizes that the man on the phone is his adviser; he was supposed to meet his adviser at 9am, and it’s already noon. He’s still trying to get his brain together.

She hands him the phone to talk to the adviser. That’s when I woke up.

John: So again, the images portray something coming to a point, or leading up to something. It’s actually another way of repeating the first dream of the night (The Wounded Bear), but uses a different scenario to do it.

The woman, in this case, is flexible because she (the feminine) contains all the energy of the Creator embedded in her nature. The masculine is strong, but he is very linear. He brings down a particular potency as a connection to the spirit energy that comes down from the Crown and touches something in Creation, which is the feminine.

They’re both being brought together; i.e., they’re both going to the same university, and they both are situated near each other in terms of chemistry, in terms of an unfoldment. They’re becoming linked.

Your dream takes this idea up to a particular point where, again, some change is afoot but…

Tell me again how the dream ended?

Jeane: He slept late and she answers the phone when his student adviser calls up.

John: Right. Okay. So, the masculine component has gotten a wake-up call. The masculine often acts as an agent of clarity – it comes in to set a spark loose which awakens something in the feminine. That spark increases her flexibility – her overallness.

So that has happened in this dream – it just took place.

You’ve had this dynamic recurring lately where “change is afoot.” We saw it with the mortally wounded bear touching something through the child and creating an awakening. This communication (the phone call) also comes from a depth of the unconscious that is trying to come through now.

You’ve been there; you’ve seen it. These reflections upon the reflections have gone into you and affected you in some way. Yet in each of these dreams what is happening only gets taken to a certain point, i.e., the future isn’t laid out. What has been touched, or awakened, still needs to be brought into life.

The role of the human being as facilitator is hinted at in theses images. We see you facilitating as the child, where the energy is embodied in you from the bear. We also see another dimension of the facilitating action through the feeding of cakes to the guests.

So a dynamic has been set in motion and it’s having a rippling effect through other potential change agents in life – they’re all eating individualized cakes that will help them unfold in terms of their uniqueness to the whole.

Now this third dream does a little echo of the awareness that something is being awakened. That’s what it does, and it uses a very strange subject to establish it.

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