Warming to the Future

John: In my dream, I go to a cryogenics lab (a cryogenics lab is where people are put in a frozen state to be awakened at a future date). The temperature of such a lab is strictly enforced, but the people frozen there seem to have some ability to move, even though they are not meant to awaken consciously yet.

Bodies are stacked there, technically dead, but that can be awakened. Each person awakens at a slightly different time, and the way in which they awaken gives information to a person trained to interpret the differences. As mentioned, consciousness is not an issue at this lab because what is being monitored here are the involuntary movements.

So, you and I are there with a scientist. He is able to tell the future by noting the responses under these controlled conditions. Apparently, the human body is programmed to respond when certain conditions are simulated. Because there are so many people in this facility, the way they slowly awaken provides an indication of what is changing in life.

You and I feel very fortunate to be with a person who knows how to read the vital signs of evolutionary change.

The scientist takes readings about what is subtly unfolding. He knows the baseline reference point because of his overall experience. From that he is able to generate predictions that he can then rate on the basis of their likelihood of happening.

The manner in which the future will unfold is still subject to change and conjecture, but the scientist gauges from the baseline, which he can see is set and destined to happen. In other words, the baseline has a 10 out of 11 rating, which is as certain as you can get in terms of what is meant to unfold.

The scientist then goes back in the lab to double check how the potentiality fits against the baseline. When he returns, I ask him how it went in terms of the projections (which he didn’t share with us). He said that he only got a 3 out of 11 rating for the predicted variables. That gave me concern, but he was excited.

He says, “The conjecture part never gets any better than that.” In other words, nobody knows what is really meant to happen in the future, but you can tell that a change is coming and that we’re at one of those turning points. He then points out that he is satisfied with that because the baseline portion of the study, which is, under these current circumstances, virtually infallible with a 10 out of 11 potentiality, is about as high as you could ever hope for.

So he has bracketed the potential outplays. In other words, it’s got to go this way or that way, and we’re at an inflection point. How it will unfold is his conjecture, but he’s the type that likes trying to understand it. He’s not going to be limited by that because it’s the baseline that’s important and really exciting; from there you can only project so far.

So, the important thing for him is that something very dynamic has been bracketed in. He’s able to experience that flow connectively. I ask him how he is able to recognize what changes might be coming, and he shows both of us certain measured undulations, in terms of the way things stir a bit, that he has been able to monitor. To him, these describe the unfoldment as it occurs and comes into life from its predestined, bracketed-in position.

Quite a strange dream.

Tomorrow, we will analyze what these images are bringing to light!

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