The Book of Life

Today, our discussion refers to the dream described in yesterday’s post (see Warming to the Future).

John: So this dream has the feeling of being a prophecy dream – of trying to project into the future by what can be detected by current signals. But it also opens up a much deeper level than that.

The implication here is that there are changes that are predestined, or preordained, to happen during this period of time on the planet. How the Will of God will play out is always a matter of conjecture, but there are detections that can be made. It’s a presumptuous thing to do, but it’s also human nature to want to understand.

As humans, we can’t truly know the Will of God, but our consciousness, as individuals and as a species, can be in tune with what is at play in a co-participatory way. The scientist we are with in the dream is excited to be able to work with and be part of this research into the early signals of a coming inner change, knowing with virtual certainty that it will occur. The scientist has seen enough data to be sure that we are at an inflection point of major changes at this time.

That, to him, is what’s important. This idea refers to the true teacher in life, who’s connected to Essence, and who can read directly from the Book of Life. Specifics from the Book of Life cannot be shared directly with the student; the teacher can only share a “baseline” of knowledge and some potential extrapolations of that. In this, the teacher provides safety for the student.

The teacher can, however, share information about the inflection point, in which change is coming into life, because we have a right to know what is happening within us. Because we are each part of the mosaic, we each carry these traits, or codings, that are part of the changes due to unfold.

The teacher cannot communicate specifics that he can read from the Book of Life about a particular soul. Those variables are, so to speak, components of potentiality that are left to free choice and fate to evolve. That is the co-creator aspect of a realized soul within a universe that is actually a single, living organism.

The student’s soul lives its specific role, its unique destiny, as a foot soldier in life. Living brings potentialities into manifestation. What occurs on the inner levels affects the outer, and what is done in the outer affects the inner life.

A human being has access to the Will of God at a physical level of experience, but has a natural inner link to higher realms because man was created as a spark of God, or in His image. If man uses his consciousness, he can rise above the physical-only, ego experience of life and begin to know much more of his possibility. By raising his consciousness, and quieting his ego, man can connect more synchronistically into the flow of the Will of God.

Until true consciousness is awakened, our ability to know is limited to the physical plane. It can be very densely limited, to the point where it seems a life just jumps from one murky puddle to another. Yet when true consciousness is awakened, the signs of God that inflect through the inner plane can be appreciated, revelationally, in this world.

A human being that reaches such a level of consciousness has become something more, because he or she is catching up with their inner plane aspects of connection. We can say that person has awakened to their responsibilities; responsibilities, and possibilities, that are latent in us all.

So the first step for a human being is to awaken to the realization that there is much more to life than physical experience. We need to understand that we are designed to reconnect with our higher selves as a journey back to the Essence that created us. Humans are given free choice to choose, otherwise we would have been designed to be robotically in service to creation, and we are not.

But we are designed to choose to be in service, and we are designed to recognize our role in the bigger picture. It is something we all must awaken to. In that process, we begin to recognize our connection to the future. The future doesn’t just happen externally to us, it happens in us and we manifest it into the physical realms.

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