Ghost in the Machine

John: The second dream that I remember involved a haunted house (I’ll get to the first dream in a moment). Nothing is able to happen in this house, and no one is able to enter, because some forces within the house are acting up.

People who have left the house tell me it is haunted. I’m outside, and to me it seems a shame that they left the house and that nothing can be done. As I approach the house, an apparition appears, as if to warn me to stay out.

Still, I go inside. The first thing I wonder is whether the people I saw leaving were playing the radio, because I can hear music coming from somewhere. As I listen more closely, I can hear the lyrics to the song being played: “Why don’t you be dead, why don’t we be dead.”

I’m realizing that these are pretty powerful forces, whatever they are. Yet for some reason, they don’t bother me. It’s a strange image and I’m still trying to figure out how it correlates to the first dream.

The first dream began with seeing spirals that were connected – like the spirals of a notebook. The spirals were roughly connected only at the top and bottom, and there was a rod that ran between them that linked them together.

At first look, I assumed the connections were pretty solid. But as I start to fiddle with it I notice that I’m able to break it up and to cause it to come apart. So I find myself experimenting with it.

It felt like I spun inside this all night long, seeing all the different possibilities and permutations to try to create a connection and a linkage that one could count on – that was more established. At one point, I even recognized that I could put this pen-like object within it – between the top and bottom spirals.

Then I realized that there was a certain way that I could make the pen flash from the inside to the outside. When it was on the outside, the clip of the pen would attach to the top and then the bottom would very slightly touch the spiral.

It wasn’t really connected, and I thought “Oh man, that is really tenuous.” Once I figured out how to flip the inner to the outer and make it connect in this intangible way, I woke up complaining that I have to do the work of everybody else as well as my own.

I think what this first dream signifies is that the attention we place on things in life can be frustrating and kind of dry when we view it from the perspective of ourselves. In order for us to connect to the meaningfulness, we have to view it from a perspective of how it comes across, relates to, or affects things in the overall.

That can be awkward because you can get into this fine line where something builds inside that’s tangible, yet its connection to the outer is very shaky. It is particularly shaky when you view it as something personal to you, or feel that it is something you could lose.

So the degree to which you carry a personal involvement, and a personal focus, towards doing something in the outer, determines, or limits, the strength of the connection between the inner and the outer.

So we have to get beyond our personal involvement with everything. Which brings us to the significance of the haunted house dream. Because the house in a dream represents the inner life, and there are aspects of the inner life that can become reactive when we don’t listen or relate to them.

If we shut ourselves off from these inner aspects, they can have a haunting effect in our lives. But in that haunting effect they can actually teach us, because they too are questing to cross a divide.

The amazing thing is, in terms of everything being alive, only the human isn’t limited in its possibilities. But we have to awaken to our possibilities and potentials. The aspects of our inner selves are trying to wake us up to our capabilities, and when we repeatedly ignore the messages, they can become more inventive in how they try to get through to us.

It’s a big and beautiful subject – how our inner lives try to awaken us to our real purposes. Tomorrow we will continue the discussion that was triggered by these dream images.

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