A Shadow of Ourselves

John: So, in the dreams yesterday we were discussing the idea that we come into this life unconscious, and as we grow, learn, and evolve we become more conscious. This is the natural process. But we are also, as a species, meant to continue to awaken our consciousness.

That awakening is what reconnects us with our inner self, or to the god within. Humans, for the most part, have stopped listening to the signals and messages that try to awaken us – whether through our dreams or through events in our outer life.

So the image of the haunted house, or of the apparition that seems to warn me away, sets up this internal trigger as an opposing force. My instinct in the dream is not to be afraid and walk away, but to try to make peace with the forces. The house, representing my inner life, shouldn’t have places I’m afraid to go.

And the reason these forces have turned up as ghosts is because I have left them out, unacknowledged and disconnected from my life. If I enter the house and allow these energies into my life, then they will lose their ghostly quality.

I have heard the teacher say that so many people walk around like “gravestones talking on their cellular phones.” What he means by that is they have no connection to their inner (higher) selves – in fact, they seldom acknowledge that those levels exist in them. That separation from the wholeness of the universe makes us all seem like ghosts of our own possibility.

Our unconscious knows we are separated from ourselves and often our dreams hint at or nudge us toward reconnection. They can’t always solve everything in one night, so the imagery changes, a new approach angle is tried, and each time our systems try to bring us closer and closer to our own truth. It tries to close this gap that we feel as separation between ourselves and everything else that exists.

In this process of opening up and awakening, we realize that everything is alive and that everything has spirit energy. In order to touch that aliveness, we have to let go of the ego-based view of ourselves. Then we’ll find out that we are every particle, and part of everything in life.

Human beings are created with this deeper understanding sitting latent inside them. You could say that not all the faculties and processes are turned on, or activated. It is meant to be part of our journey to activate this aspect of ourselves, to become realized.

But true realization implies not just awakening within oneself, but becoming reciprocal to what is occurring in the environment around us. That’s the only way to form a relationship that includes the whole, or connects with the Oneness.

Otherwise, you end up with gaps, and within those gaps are the essences of part of creation that remain unacknowledged – that remain in the dark. But in that darkness it can be imagined that they are continually absorbing light.

It’s like a microcosm of the spirit energy in a star. The star itself is flowing and spinning in space. The greatest evolution a star can make, which is a schematic of evolution, is that it can explode. When it explodes it emits something that goes into the wholeness of everything in light.

So what is the light, then, of a star that is exploding? In that explosion it seems to feed everything on a greater consciousness level.

It seems like a human being – who is made of star material, perhaps a part of something that has already exploded – has all of the qualities of a star in their beingness but it is exploded, and must be pulled back together in the process of life.

As it becomes pulled back together, or awakened, there is an awareness and relationship with everything. No longer are all the pieces scrambling around separately.

This actually brings the inner into the outer. It creates an ongoing process that facilitates advancement on all kinds of levels. This is a huge thing. As the human being changes and brings inner into outer, it causes communication to open up between everything that exists.

In life, so many things are considered off limits and are purposely blocked out, not unlike people block off the recognition that can be found through dreams. Well, we can also block off the recognition that there are other forces that can appear like apparitions.

If we block those vibrations off as an aliveness, they still exist and are a part of us, but just unnoticed. We have to be able to hold our place inside, in which there are many features that are really subtle and that, if activated, can communicate through us.

Of course for a human being to catch up with this, to recognize the need for this to happen, well, sometimes even the stars will explode if necessary. It seems peculiar when we realize that this aspect in us affects the cosmos, too. A human being, in its separation, can stop the natural processes of the universe.

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