Inner Decisions

Jeane: My earliest dream had to do with choosing a house. I’m moving and I’m considering two houses on a mountainside that overlooks a lake. It’s not a big mountainside – it’s more like a hill. My parents will either be visiting a lot, or living with me there, so I have more resources to put toward the house.

Initially, I had chosen a smaller house, but now that more resources are available I’m reconsidering. There is a house that I have looked at before that is much bigger. I’d rejected the house before because the upper floors had been broken into rental units; they’re really interesting, but it’s as though they’ve been separated from each other.

So, I’m contemplating. I’m even discussing with a friend all the decisions that would need to be made because it’s tempting to want the bigger house. However, I don’t feel like I should choose the bigger house just because I can. That doesn’t quite feel right.

On the other hand, even as people are trying to talk me out of the bigger house, I realize that the reason I’d objected to the bigger house originally was because the upstairs was divided up. Now I want to go look at it again from the perspective of how I might decorate it if it were all one house again.

I’m not sure anymore which house to get.

John: This dream poses an interesting dilemma. It’s like an inflection point. You have the option of choosing the smaller house that you were happy with, yet now that you know your parents will be spending time, and they’re contributing to the finances, a much larger house becomes a possibility.

Both houses have a view of the lake, so that’s not the issue. One is larger, and requires more work to renovate. The smaller one then is a more manageable option. There will be less complexity or pressure involved.

The sense of the dream that I have is that your relationship to the little house is more centered and balanced. That choice won’t complicate or mess up your life. There’s a kind of quaintness and quietness about that.

If you then take on the bigger house, you may have more options, but they come at the expense of a lot of work. And, are you up for that work?

So, you have to have a reason to want to take on the larger house. Do the increased options allow you to participate more fully in something? Is that the reason why?

Jeane: I don’t know whether I’m doing it for the right reasons, or not. The dream is looking at all of that.

John: Yes, you can feel the easy energy of the smaller house and have to evaluate whether the bigger house is worth the effort. The smaller house is where you need to stay if that’s what it takes for you to stay simple.

If getting the bigger house increases the capacity of things but at the same time makes it harder for you to be true to yourself, that’s a negative consequence.

Now, the positive aspect of the larger space is if your choice is not based on personal gain, or the sense that “more is better,” but because you are ready to take on more. If it is about being able to open up, to expand into new space, i.e., renovating the upper rooms, then the change can be about something more.

Then it’s not about your personal benefit, it’s a benefit in terms of your higher self, or a bigger picture, or a deeper equation in life. And it’s not even your business to put your finger on what that is, it’s just your business to make sure that you’re coming from the right place in yourself when you make your decision.

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