The Hard Trek

Jeane: So, in my second dream of the night, I’m talking to a woman about a mutual friend (male) who is planning on holding a special seminar event. The man is holding this event in the expectation that he would make a certain amount of money from it; that seems to be the main point.

I haven’t seen this man for a long time, so I’m interested in attending. I want to see what he’s involved in. The woman is going to take me to the event, which is in Denver, but she suddenly decides that we need to make an arduous trek out of getting there.

It feels as though we’re supposed to go through some kind of sacrifice or hardship before we get to the seminar. At this point I’m seeing us walking through the hills and crossing some streams – we’re really on a journey to get there.

Then we are passing a fruit stand and the woman has money in her wallet, but she doesn’t buy any food. I’m starting to find all of this absurd because we can go to the event anyway, without the hardship. We seem to be making ourselves take this arduous trek to create some sort of illusion that’s completely unnecessary (as far as I’m concerned).

The trek feels like it’s her concept, so I think I argue with her about it. Then we come upon another concession stand, and the man who is going to be leading the seminar is actually working the counter at this concession stand.

I assume he needs the money, but that he wouldn’t want anyone to know that he’s doing it. I chat with him a little bit, and he seems to be in support of this illusion of the trek we are taking to get to his seminar. To me it is just getting more absurd.

Then the scene shifts and I’m with this man in an open carriage, similar to the kind one rides around in Central Park. Except in this image, we’re lying in it as one would a bed. He is smoking a cigarette; when I look in my hand, and I have a cigarette too, and I don’t really like cigarettes.

It’s as though the cigarettes are there because it makes everything look a certain way – it’s a romanticized image. I look at my cigarette and throw it away. I make some comment to him about how I don’t care how it looks, because I still don’t like them.

At this point, because he sees me moving away, he attempts to kiss me, or to make love. When I look at him I realize there is something comfortable about lying there with him, but I tell him that’s as far as it can go.

Then the dream shifts to a further visualization. I see myself speaking in front of a group of people and I’m trying to help raise funds for the war. Everyone is dressed very formally. Suddenly I’m asking them to raise their hands to show how many people have actually been in a war, or who have sons or daughters in a war. I realize that no one there has that experience.

It seems to me that they are trying to give something towards an effort, but they don’t really know what they’re supporting. This feels kind of hypocritical, or it bothers me in some way.

That’s when I wake up.

Tomorrow we will look at the deeper meaning of this series of dream images, and also see how this second dream of the night continues the theme of the first dream (see Inner Decisions and The Unfolding).

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