Feeling the Vibes

John: So while I was experiencing the imagery in the dream having to do with the road trip and the rest stop (see The Paper Chase), another part of me was getting a better glimpse of something I have been observing inside myself for quite some time. I have experienced it over and over again, yet it somehow stayed beyond my reach.

It’s like it was too big to think about. Fundamentally, it dealt with two vibrations. The first vibration works with the five senses (touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound) as I try to understand the tangible, physical world around me.

The second vibration feels more like a subtle influence that seems to hint at a bigger picture. It seems to indicate that I am connected to something more than just myself. One phrase that comes to mind to describe it is “soul awareness.”

Inside, I feel myself going back and forth, trying to experience both of these energies. The problem that exists, however, is that the subtlety of the second vibration can easily be pushed into the background when we base our awareness in the first vibration.

So, in trying to unravel the distinctions between the two, this is what I glimpsed through the dream. The senses perceive a physical world composed of four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. The interplay of these elements is what human Will seeks to understand. Of course, it’s using the five senses to do that.

The result is that human Will engages with a mind that’s trying to make sense of the world, embedded as it is in a dense, physical body that uses its faculties to “see” what is external to it. This interplay is an intelligence seeking to comprehend what’s going on in order to survive here.

So, we develop this whole side of ourselves, based fully in the first vibration that, because it is only one “view” of reality, is really an illusion. We have settled for only part of the story, or for only part of the information available to us.

But we never completely quiet the second vibration in us, and that is the soul. Without the soul, we can’t exist. And the soul is connected to the essence of all creation. That essence is a vibration that takes in everything that exists.

Now the first vibration, which is designed just for physical existence, doesn’t have any understanding of this great, unknown expanse encompassed by the second vibration. And we can’t register it when we are fully based in the first vibration.

The first vibration can’t understand the second vibration because this energetic connection exists in a state that’s beyond the strictly tangible. It’s alive in something that’s like nothingness.

So, the first vibration experiences things that are tangible. The all-encompassing soul, however, takes in a picture that reaches to the essence of all that is in the universe – all the other levels – while it also swallows up and encompasses the physical existence of the first vibration.

Being only in the denseness of the first vibration veils us from the other levels. Therefore, one’s existence from the soul’s perspective is very different from the mind’s physical existence. Physical existence is just a small component of the soul’s overallness.

Therefore, the first vibration, because it’s restricted to this very small aspect, cannot, by itself, get beyond its own barrier. It cannot break its own chains.

Because the soul encompasses both the dense vibrations of the physical world, yet can also access the essence of creation, it creates an ongoing dilemma in our lives: for us to access our soul connection, we must let go of our tight hold on the physical world. We must realize that the first vibration isn’t all that exists.

So we have to let go of this density that dominates our perspective. We may think we can exist in this state happily, but we can never be fully satisfied at this level because part of us always knows there is so much more. Because we bury this knowledge in us, we always experience the stress of that denial.

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