Diamonds in the Rough

Jeane: In this dream it felt like I was looking through a door into a closet-like room. In this room there is a bunch of stuff jumbled into a pile. One of the items I’m focusing on is a diamond ring – I even have a video camera focused on it.

The ring seems to have some mud on it, or the diamond has fallen out of the setting. The reason I’m filming it is that I’m trying to show some people that I’m with that the capabilities of the camera can reveal if the diamond is a real diamond or not.

For some reason, I’m unable to get it properly on film to show them. I’ve gone into the room and I’m rooting around to try to set things up differently. It was very frustrating.

The other people are convinced that it’s a real diamond and I’m trying to say, “I don’t think so. I’ll film this and show you.”  Somehow, it’s not behaving like a real diamond does.

John: Everything in life has a certain tumbled effect to it. Out of that we take and extract something that has definition or meaning. In other words, all the variables exist in the world, and we try to find something that has meaning for us. Anything that has meaning for us, i.e., whatever we put our attention toward, can be said to have a diamond quality to it.

That diamond quality carries something that is of essence, and that is important to us. But it also has to do with a certain type of guidance, because we are not fully aware of how and why we choose to put our attention toward certain things.

That is why the diamond seems to have mud on it – it’s not clear why you are focusing on it.

Basically, what this is showing is that we don’t see ourselves in relationship to the overall flow. We think that what we can extract the diamonds out of the jumble of life, but we are really meant to be in the flow and to “know” what is a diamond in any given moment.

In your dream, it’s not coming through as a real gem – it’s not quite right. But it could have been. For it to have been a real diamond would have required a shift in you, a sense of recognition of how you fit in with it, in relationship to the flow. It would have required you to be with that flow – then it would have been a diamond.

As it was, it was a glimpse. You had a glimpse for a split second. It was just something that sparkled from amidst the general clutter. In that sense, you can be fooled by all sorts of sparkling things – thinking things are much more important than they really are.

But if you are able to not be fooled by the shiny objects, you might save yourself from a catastrophe. To be misled can put you on a course that may not turn out well.

Ultimately, it’s a real diamond or not. But if you are in the flow you can tell the difference, and you will be able to pick up the essence that is carried by a real gem. On the other hand, if it shines only because of some distorted or separated out conceptualization, then look out! There could be consequences as you progress further.

So the dream wants to show you this; it is trying to give you the tools to understand the difference. The best way to do that is to be in the flow of things. Then you’ll immediately be able to recognize true essence from false glitter.

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