Dazed and Confused

John: I am at a meeting with people from the government about a property that I oversee with a co-worker. My co-worker, who has the information needed for the discussion, is pacing the room from side to side, exhibiting a nervousness that I am concerned about.

The meeting isn’t going as he hoped, and that fact seems to be adding to the pressure on him. I indicate that I want to support certain building operations, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do it because other issues need to be resolved first. Plus, I don’t want to set off my co-worker’s anxiety.

The question of the building quality of the roof comes up. I say that I don’t know anything about that. Instead of offering some clarity, my co-worker leaves the room and his wife comes in to participate in the discussion. She has knowledge about certain paperwork that needs to be in place.

My co-worker returns, but he leaves again once he hears what he thinks he needs to hear. He says we aren’t getting anywhere. This leaves me feeling more vulnerable. I ask if certain payments have been made, knowing that I can’t proceed without them.

The wrangling continues and ultimately nothing gets resolved. That’s when I wake up.

This dream carries a vibration of losing control – of things becoming more and more unpredictable. That is the condition of so much of what is going on in the outer world today. On one level, the dream is simply flushing out the energy of the microcosmic experience that we have in living day to day – the imagery actually reflects some work I am involved in.

The greater aspect here is in the macrocosm – the bigger picture – because it has the same energetic vibration. There is a fear that exists in terms of all the intangibles in life today – all the unknowns. It’s like something is festering beneath the surface reality.

On the surface there is a pretense that everything is going fine, but at the same time there is the feeling that everything is beginning to come apart at the seams. This feeling is building all across the globe.

There are attempts to pretend that things are not as bad as they are, and that we needn’t be too concerned, but that story line is getting harder to believe. So what is portrayed in my dream, as a fairly trite scenario on a personal level, is actually tapping into a much bigger macrocosm: the sense of uneasiness that exists in the global environment.

So I’m merely identifying these circumstances through some simple images. In doing so, I’m able to see more clearly the larger dynamics at play. Because it seems clear to me that you can’t actually make small changes if you want to help the larger dynamic.

My co-worker in the dream holds the information, but he is very nervous at what may end up being revealed; he comes and goes from the meeting and doesn’t provide any answers.

The meeting in the dream is a just a back and forth process, going item by item, and nothing gets resolved. To settle things, the whole picture has to be understood. That’s difficult when those who have the information aren’t sharing it in an open way.

So I need to hold onto an energetic within me that pulls into life what is needed to rectify the confusion. If I do, what can then come in will have synchronization and flow to it, rather that disconnection and separation.

When events occur that expose what is going on, and knock things from their status quo state, it functions like a perfect storm. The powers that be only have a grasp up to a particular point – they don’t have a grasp of things in the greater sequence, i.e., of creation level, which works with pure energy. Whatever we look at is all tied together on a vibratory note.

The implications of what has been occurring around us reach into the overallness of life. It’s like that because we are a global society – a kind of oneness dealing with the same energetics – even though each local scenario can be viewed by the mind as distinct and separate. That microcosmic, local view is making us all increasingly vulnerable to the way life is changing.

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