A Refinement Process

John: What the images in this dream describe is a process through which a new aspect, or a new energetic purity, comes across, goes through various levels, and then expresses into life.

So what I see is that there are a large number of vats arrayed on multiple levels and arranged into some kind of system. These vats look like large clay pots. Each of them is filled with water and they are hooked together in a specific sequence.

As water is put into one vat, it filters through to the next vat, then to the next vat, and so on. At the end of the line, after it has traveled through all of the vats, it comes out totally pure and clear.

Certain things happen along the way that can discolor the water, so that is why it has to go through all these different vats at different levels before it comes out clear again. Basically the images are showing an alchemical process – a transmutation.

At some point milk is introduced into the system. Traditionally, milk is considered an image of purity, and seems to have been added to help the process. Yet milk, and the white color, can also be associated with spiritual illusion, which speaks of false piety rather than true inner connection.

I realize, as I watch the milk processing through the vats, that it has clouded the water. Yet as it travels from vat to vat, the milk effect becomes diluted. Then I understand that we cannot have any corrupting influences whatsoever – at the end of the process it has to come out pure.

It’s even possible that the milk was a good idea, because in an alchemical process different elements are added together to create a more refined product at the end. There is the idea that something about milk denotes a quality of a greater closeness or connection – the overall impression is positive.

In this particular instance the milk acts as something that has to be worked through the vat system. But while it does that, the milk also sets other changes in motion as it goes through the various levels.

I take this to mean that, in some way, it has been assimilated or absorbed. When the water comes out clean and pure at the end, it isn’t just by filtering out the impurities, but by assimilating the new additions in a thorough way. My sense is that this allows the water to be pure, yet also it has benefitted in some way.

To me, the significance here is that it is showing how it works when a connection comes through life and back into creation. In other words, the clearer the channel, the greater the overall effect upon life.

Isn’t that how it is when a human being is living a life that is connected to its higher self? We take in the “impurities” of living a physical existence, whether through our own thoughts and actions, or through our interactions with others, and we refine the impressions, through our consciousness, and return them back to God.

So the imagery is very simple, but the mechanism it describes is very profound. Physical matter, in this sense, is a system for refining energetic matter. Even plants and trees capture sun energy for the planet. We humans can capture much higher energies, but we also can consciously serve the process of exchange between matter and energy in the most sophisticated way.

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