The Treasure

Jeane: Well, in my next dream, I feel like I’m more of an observer, but there’s a man who, perhaps, had either lost everything, or had been in prison. I’m not sure what happened, but now he’s on his horse with some big bundles of money and he’s riding very fast. It’s as though he’s riding away from something, and he has all this money, and he’s going now to get his wife.

He’s been away from his wife for years. He rides up to a house that seems to be more in the air than on the ground. It has a platform of wood all around it, and the man has to ride by this house to get to where his wife is living.

The horse is tired and he’s tired, so he stops at this floating house with the narrow wooden platform. He has to be careful, and make sure that the horse is okay, because otherwise you could fall off.

The house has shutters around it and the shutters open and the people inside are going to give him tea. I get the feeling that one of the men in the house is, perhaps, interested in his wife, so they’re not exactly welcoming. I think they just open up the shutters and serve him the tea.

Then it feels like the man has gone a little distance ahead to see his wife. From his wife’s perspective, she’s wondering how he got the money. If he stole it, that’s bad. He’s been away a long time – was he in prison? What was he doing?

Then he’s showing her some bookkeeping sheets, and it seems like what he was really doing all that time was working very hard to earn this money to bring to her. I guess to start over.

So, as she’s looking at the balance sheets and seeing how he saved up every day, they hear some commotion in the distance and some people are riding towards them. He has the impression they’re going to ride toward the house where the horse is and steal the horse or something. That’s the last I remember of that dream.

John: So, here we have the third dream of the night, and the imagery shows a continuation of the journey back that you’ve been on – a journey back into life (see A Saint in the Darkness and Choosing the Right Door).

You’ve gone through this process of feeling like a stranger in a strange land, then being in more familiar circumstances (a college) where you are gaining new knowledge to bring with you. When the last dream ended you were trying to choose which door was the right one to emerge through.

Whatever it is that you have learned through these processes has become the treasure strapped to this horse. You have traveled into the emptiness and brought back something that is valuable for your life. So you are making a return; you are riding back into life (represented by returning to the wife you left behind), with these newly acquired riches.

What you have acquired has to be brought through you into life or else it is of little value. That’s why the house is up in the air – what you have gained needs to be grounded. The dream images depict a man – that is your masculine spirit energy, which is less grounded than the feminine spirit energy. It is the hope of the masculine to reconnect with the feminine nature that can ground it and bring it from the inner realms into outer life.

Well, the feminine nature is always dubious of any ideas that the masculine nature comes up with, so little by little the man makes his case by showing her the records of how he – legitimately – came by his riches. You are proving to her that you are genuine.

When coming back into life you still have to contend with your psychologies and your sense of things. While making your case to the wife, you suddenly fear that some people are coming to steal the horse.

Did you need the horse anymore?

Jeane: Well, the treasure is on the horse.

John: The treasure is on the horse – oh my gosh! So, you could still lose it if it’s not properly grounded. Well, obviously, such a journey is never easy. Let’s see if we find out what happens next.

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