Something of Value

Jeane: In this next dream I’m working as a therapist. My office is upstairs in one building, the receptionist is downstairs, and then we have another large office in a building across the street.

Apparently, my client arrived at the offices across the street, and I’ve gone downstairs. My receptionist seems to be feuding with the receptionist in the other building, because neither of them will bring the client over.

The client hasn’t been to my office before so she doesn’t know exactly where it is. I realize that the receptionists are in one of those petty office struggles, so I decide that it makes the most sense for me to walk over and get the client myself.

I don’t want the client to waste her appointment time with all this stuff; i.e., having to get in her car and drive across to my side. If I go over and get her, then we could talk while we’re walking back.

I’m just going to have to figure out how to work this situation out. Perhaps when the receptionist on the other side sees me come and get my client, they’ll be a little more gracious about helping in the future. We’ll see.

It’s not real easy to cross the road because it feels like I have to climb up on an area with some pebbles or something, and where I have to walk feels a little risky. Still, that’s my plan for getting the client.

John: Now what you’re describing, through this imagery, is what the treasure really is (see The Treasure). We have been through four dreams now, from a single night of dreams, and it’s only when they are looked at as a single process does the entire arc of what is being shown to you become clear. (To follow this thread from the beginning, see Dream 1, Dream 2, and Dream 3.)

So the treasure, as it is revealed here, is for you to re-connect to all of life, with the new insight and connections you have gained. All the characters in this dream are you. The client is you, but how do you re-connect with the client? How do you close that gap?

How do you reformulate that relationship between yourself and yourself? We can see that you still show a certain degree of reluctance about things – you are the two receptionists that are feuding and of no help whatsoever. Yet, at the same time, you have a certain degree of determination to overcome the obstacles in your way and to make the connection happen.

And, ultimately, that is the real treasure: to create a bridge in yourself between the inner life and the outer life. That is a unique ability of human beings: to enable, or open ourselves to, our inner connections with the entire universe, and let them come through our individual life into all of life. That is the treasure that all religions and spiritual journeys are seeking, in way or another.

So this trace of dreams has painted this whole inner journey, as it applies to a specific aspect within you that is opening up. You are acting as a bridge between a personal, inner knowing, and the knowingness of everything. It’s really a fascinating look at the process.

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