Help Along the Way

Jeane: At the end of the last dream, the imagery shifted to this: I have a sack with some clothes in it and I want to change my clothes. I look in the sack and a few of the items look like they actually are for children, but I know they will stretch. There’s also something else in there that I can put on, like jeans or something.

I go and find a basement room off to the side; it’s a bathroom with an anteroom where I’m going to change. Well, when I step into the bathroom, this little boy has walked in after me.

He wants to change his clothes too, but when he realizes he’s entered the women’s bathroom, he wants to leave. In the meantime, a slightly older boy has come into the anteroom and if he sees that the younger boy has entered the women’s bathroom, he’s going to come into that bathroom, too. So, as the older boy opens the door, the younger boy, wanting to hide, jumps into the shower stall. I’ve even turned on the water in the bathtub now.

Well, the older boy comes along and passes by me. He can see through the shower curtain that there’s someone in there. I’m not saying anything because now a woman has come into the anteroom too, and that’s going to be even more embarrassing for the little boy.

I realize the tub has filled up with water, so I reach behind me to drain it. So now I have this woman in the anteroom and the two boys in the bathroom. That’s all I really remember. I think that was when the dream ended.

John: This dream fits with the prior imagery, except now we are seeing the masculine element inside you. The masculine aspect has more of an ability for an adventure, in the sense that your feminine aspect was afraid to travel the dark path alone.

Yet even here, there’s a constant attempt to hide the masculine (the younger boy) because of some fear of judgment that exists. So what you’re seeing is that there are different components to your way of understanding, and coping, in life that are starting to open up.

You have something very, very young (which means, therefore, very ancient) inside of you in the image of this little boy. He comes innocently into the room, not realizing he may be in the wrong place. Even if he is in the wrong place, it’s okay because it needs to somehow or other be made to work.

You have some concern about what’s appropriate and what isn’t, so you, in relationship to your masculine, have that same concern. It’s the germ of that concern that needs to be hidden behind the curtain in this imagery.

That has to happen because a part of you that operates closer to the surface of things, more in the middle between the inner and the outer, comes in, in the image of the older boy. And it is viewed as a type of violation that could throw the functionality of the feminine nature into disarray.

Interestingly, though, for you to be able to figure out how to find your way in the darkness, on the way back and forth between Creation and Creator, you’re going to have to know how to navigate it. And it’s that masculine part inside of you that has the confidence, the sense of adventure, to be able to do that.

You, by yourself, imagine all kinds of peculiarities and neuroses about how dark it is, how you could get lost, etc. You feel you need help. In the first part of the dream you were looking to a part of the feminine to help you (your woman friend), but in the second part you’re realizing that what actually opens up to help you is a quality and characteristic – a type of seeing – that the masculine brings. These young boys represent that.

Lighting the Way

John: Yesterday we heard your dream (see Into the Woods), and saw how it described a journey between two places – the house you are staying in and the meeting place with the teacher. In between these two places is a darkness that you are having trouble navigating on your own.

That’s where you’re friend comes in. She is a part of you, and she represents the means by which you can develop a certain sight, or understanding – at the depth of your being – that enables you to navigate in the darkness intuitively; by hearing or just knowing.

In other words, the unfolding of the spiritual part of one’s self – the higher self – occurs through a light that you can’t see. There is a gap that exists between these two points: you are whole and complete as a part of Creation, yet you’re in a state of amnesia, too, because of the darkness between the higher and lower parts of yourself. We are all, for the most part, strangers to higher selves.

Still, you have the feeling that something important is beckoning, is calling you, which is shown by the meeting house where the teacher is. The whole zone in-between is full of darkness. It’s full of trauma, it’s full of fear. It’s full of all the qualities that cause one to be veiled and lost to oneself.

And you mentioned that you have seen this meeting place before in your dreams, and needed help to find your way along the dark path. So you are being shown your lower self (the house you are staying in) and your higher self (the meeting place and teacher), and the darkness in between is the veil that has been created through fears, patterns, and the general disconnection we get from our cultural training.

But our systems are always trying to awaken us to ourselves. So the dream repeats, giving you the same hint, and offering you guidance. You are at a point that could be bliss, because the mystics spoke of this point where the in-breath turns into the out-breath as a point of bliss. (In the other direction, where the out-breath turns into the in-breath, it is described as a point of longing.)

But you are at a point where you can’t really hear the guidance of your higher self because it sits in an unconscious zone. So you find yourself telling the teacher that you can’t hear him. In other words, you’re not getting the memo. You’re not getting the connection. The teacher represents the higher self in your nature, but you’re not able to gain the awareness being offered.

Why not? Because you’re still depending on “things.” Among other things, you’re depending upon some quality of light or understanding from “your friend” in order to make your way back and forth to this place in Creation. In other words, you have your abstractions, and therefore you can’t properly listen.

You can’t properly gauge the two points. Ideally, if you gauge the two points, they’re one and the same. But you don’t know that because you have the higher self and the lower self and there’s all of that darkness in between that keeps you veiled.

This also is a good dream from the standpoint of the question “Why do dream work?” Well, this is why you do dream work: so that you can come to know these points, that they are accessible by all of us, and to bring awareness and light to the darkness that prevents us from knowing.

In that process, you can actually raise your energetic – you begin to work with higher energies. You raise your inner sense of power. You also speed up, because higher energies move faster, and that allows you to access even more from within.

In the dream work process, and in this particular example, you’re given an image that shows you the polarities, and because you are on a path, you understand you are being beckoned to something important, in terms of the higher self, even though you can’t quite hear the teacher. At least you know that the teacher is trying to get your attention and to communicate something you need to hear.

The dream also shows that you need to be able to go back and forth, between your higher and lower self. You need to light that pathway, and connection, until such time as they might merge into one.



Into the Woods

Jeane: In this dream I’ve gone to what looks like a meeting place in the woods. I should also mention that I’ve dreamt about this place before.

The meeting place is deep in the woods. I’m staying in a house somewhere else, and I have to walk along a path to get to the meeting. It gets really dark and… You know, I remember the last time I had this dream, I had to have someone help me navigate a certain section of the path because it got so dark I couldn’t see where I was going.

Anyway, I go back and forth along this path. The building has about three levels to it and there are lots of things going on in different rooms. In one room there is a scene like in a bathhouse, in another it’s like a salon for entertaining, and then there are other areas where people meet.

At one point I realize a friend of mine is there, too (someone I’m staying with). But she left the building early, so when I go to leave I realize it’s gotten too dark to find my way by myself. I decide to stay for a while.

I’m not going to spend the night, but I’m going to stay and see if my friend comes back. Perhaps we can get a flashlight to help on the trail.

Then I go into another room and I see the teacher sitting in a chair. There are other people in the room. When I stand up, I’m standing a certain way, and then I realize I’m standing in the wrong way. I straighten up, and I’m trying to say something, and then the teacher says something to me and I can’t hear him.

I look at him and say, “I just can’t hear you. I tried standing up straighter and everything.” He laughs about something and I think he says, “Yes, you’re blocking me out.”

John: You’re blocking him out?

Jeane: Yes, and everybody laughs. I mean, it’s actually kind of funny; even I get it. I turn around when it’s time to leave, and a man comes up to me and compliments me on something I did. I don’t quite get that because, on one hand I think I blew it, and on the other hand I understood that I was blowing it, so it actually was okay.

My friend has come back and I think her husband is there, too. Now I have to figure out again how to get back through the woods, on that dark and narrow path, to where I’m staying.

John: The overall imagery of one place being where something special happens, and then the other place being where you reside – you can easily just look at this aspect and say that the place where the meetings are and something special happens is at the top of the breath. It’s where the in-breath turns into the out-breath.

You can also call it the crown, if you imagine this image as top and bottom. Then, of course, you find yourself having to go through a darkness to end up back at the house where you’re staying, which could be considered the base. So you find that there’s this huge gap between the two – between the base and the crown – in which there’s just darkness. If you were looking at this as an aspect of breath, it would be where the out-breath turns into the in-breath.

Tomorrow we’ll look at this and explore what is being shown about the higher self and the lower self, and how we can bring light to the darkness in between.