Island Resort

Jeane: I feel like I just pulled out partial dreams from last night. In the main part, I was sitting next to a male friend, and I was trying to figure out something about him. His wife is around somewhere too because I remember seeing her and having a dialogue. But somehow it feels like I’m traveling down some mountain steps, or just coming straight down.

I think at one point I was given two little halogen light bulbs, one of them in a package. That’s all I remember.

John: In this imagery you are presented a setting in order to hold a space. In other words, there’s nothing defined about what you have to do – you’re just trying to figure something out. It’s a masculine way that thinks that something always has to be done to stimulate the flow.

In this particular case, you’re just in a specific setting, and you’re holding a space that’s represented by an aspect of the man you’re trying to figure out. There is nothing specific that needs to be done, yet it is the precursor to an action.

Jeane: In the next dream it feels like I’ve been staying on a resort island, and there are a few towns that everybody visits. These areas are all lovely – the water, the mountains, they have everything you could want.

Still, I know that there’s another area that used to be important in the old days that no one visits anymore, and I feel like I can’t leave the island until I visit that place.

I figure out where it is, but the trail there has become really narrow. It’s like six inches wide, at most, and there’s a steep drop down the mountainside into the water. It feels like I fall off the trail at one point and I’m just holding onto it by my fingertips.

I can see a man standing in the distance, observing all this. Somehow I pull myself back up on the trail. I’m determined to see this town because, after all, the whole island is named after it.

So I’m back up on the trail and I finally reach the town. It’s a nice little resort town but the people there seem to stay there most of the time because it’s so hard to reach it. I think this is the town where I also go into a dress shop. It’s kind of a high-end dress shop and I’m looking around, maybe it was close to closing time.

I’m not sure if they’ll have anything that would fit me, but I seem to find some things. There’s a sales girl who is busy keeping things moving along at a certain pace and, finally because it’s close to closing, I come and I pick out about four pieces. I’ve got two dresses, maybe a skirt, and maybe a top or two. I think they’ll fit even though they have odd sizes to them.

The next thing I know I’m at home and I’m trying them on. I’m surprised that they all fit just right.

Then I remember that, because it was so close to closing time, and I was so absorbed in trying to put these outfits together, that I’m not sure if I was ever charged for them. I can’t remember paying for them. That was that dream.

Tomorrow we will explore how these two dreams intertwine to reveal an interesting truth.

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