Connect Spiritually, Act Locally

John: We saw in the first, partial, dream that you were holding a space in the overallness (see Island Resort). That’s an aspect of the feminine to hold and be a container of something. The feminine does it without action, which is a more masculine aspect. Yet you are trying to figure out something to do with the masculine element (the male friend).

When the space you are holding becomes touched by a degree of the masculine, it comes into a setting, which we see in the second dream imagery. This setting is an island resort, but the real setting you are trying to reach is a specific place that’s difficult to get to and that most people don’t bother going to anymore.

So you overcome the obstacles to reach this town, and you find that, because it is somewhat isolated, it has a specific nature to it. It’s easy to feel yourself different or distinct from the “vibration” of this town. You have come from one energetic state into another, but you are not supposed to let go of the first state.

Something moved you to come to that town, and now you have to meet the requirements of that new place. That’s when we see you buying clothes from the local shop; what better way to fit in than to put on the local attire?

What is happening here is that you are still holding onto the first state, yet adapting to the frequency of the new place you find yourself in. You are bringing what you have on an inner level (first dream) into the outer life (second dream), without compromising the first connection, but also without upsetting the natural balance of where you are.

You are fitting into the flow, and drawing no attention to yourself, because we see that all the clothes you purchased fit just right.

But this is not a role you are playing – that’s a more masculine approach. The masculine moves about by creating the appearance of involvement and connectivity. The feminine adopts the natural profile – she takes on the overallness because she is a container of things. She recognizes how to make everything naturally fit.

The point here is that when you are able to hold onto the first, inner energetic and then carry it into the outer world portrayal, without upsetting the balance of things, then that inner essence can come through you into life.

In other words, you aren’t coming across as something alien to the “locals,” or someone that they have to figure out or that makes them uneasy. You come across naturally, and in that way you’re bringing what is necessary down through you and into life.

So you are honoring the space by not disturbing it, but you are also radiating an energetic into it. That’s how the inner is best brought through into the outer – by becoming a part of it. And it’s an act of service that humans are meant to perform in their lives – that is the “payment” we must be willing to make.

When we can bring the inner realms into our outer lives, it’s actually a form of healing for you and the world.

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