Animal Nature

Jeane: In this dream I know that I traveled from a place where we were living, but you seem to be in a distant area. I can’t remember why I was traveling, but I was traveling to see a woman friend of mine.

Now, my friend was living on a hillside that was kind of midway between two points, but it’s a long way from anything else. There’s a dirt road that leads in, but you have to hike to the house because it’s on a mountainside.

The road is steep and as I was progressing along, I hesitated for a moment because I could see an animal pen where an animal had gotten loose. It was a big animal, like a rhinoceros or a hippopotamus.

The presence of this animal makes it hard to continue walking on the dirt road because I can see it staring back at me in an intimidating way. It’s very big and imposing.

Then the animal seems to disappear and I arrive at my friend’s house. It’s very small, and in the kitchen she has an odd little counter that looks like some sort of barbecue unit. She is cooking on this, rather than a regular stove.

While I’m there I meet another man who seems interested in me. Then it seems like I have several meetings with him and we get into a light flirtation. We have a friendly debate going on.

It seems that my friend also has a man that comes to visit her. It’s a long trip for him because she is so isolated on this mountainside. Then there’s a time when the four of us are there and my friend is cooking a meal for us.

You show up, and this makes the man I was flirting with sulk a little bit. I’m just trying to figure out the whole scenario. I go into the kitchen and I focus on how my friend’s oven works. It’s has a barbecue top with a lid that lifts up.

Some things are burning in there. It’s like a roast that has been sliced like a steak. I say something to you about this meat not being for us, that it’s really for my friend to serve to her man. That’s all I remember.

John: Okay, so a rhinoceros or hippopotamus represents a blunt kind of energy. It’s a powerful animal that stands still but then can bolt and run at you in a hurry. You never know what it’s going to do, and it’s not easy to stop once it gets moving.

It’s fairly straightforward in terms of what one experiences as an animalistic energy inside. But it’s a powerful energy that can’t be pent up – it needs to find a release (by getting loose from the pen). And this energy stands in the way of you getting where you want to go.

So it’s like it is cutting you off from your destination, which causes the situation to lose it’s rhythm, or balance. That’s when these other men (masculine energy) start to come and go. What’s interesting is that you are showing the danger of this energy to yourself. You flirt with the masculine energy, yet another aspect of it shows up (in the figure of me).

This points to you recognizing the consequences of what you are doing – it’s a warning about your flirtation with animalistic, blunt energy, which can turn and rush at you at any time.

It’s important to make note of what happens to the meal, because you are expecting to be fed, but it turns out that the food is not intended for you. It’s for someone else.

This says that the energy you are flirting with is not really food for you – you’re not in a process that is feeding you. It’s not beneficial to what you should be doing.

In a development journey we have to choose the energies that feed us, and say no to the energies that don’t. It’s a fundamental way to proceed. So you are in this process between your animalistic, physically based energies, and you are being told that the choices you might be tempted to make are not a form of sustenance.

Part of you knows this, but this imagery serves as a bit of a reminder that your decisions need to be centered around foods of a higher nature.

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