Beware the Gypsy

Jeane: So, in the next dream it feels like I’m in the city and there’s a girl’s school there. It feels like there are gypsies around who might either kidnap the kids or take something from them. I’m worried that the kids don’t always know to be careful around them.

One of the gypsies comes into the classroom and he’s kind of charming. Then, one of the little girls wants to follow him to see what’s going on, and I’m trying to caution her that she shouldn’t just follow strangers.

In fact, I actually follow them myself to intervene and protect the girl. It feels like the dream is confusing. There are a lot of little scenarios where I need to interpret and understand what something means. For instance, we come across a wall and I think something might be buried there.

When I reach up it seems as if an old soldier might have died there but no one knew he was there. I find an artifact that’s left over from that time. It’s a small statue of a woman and it looks like there is a little child carved into the base of it.

I’m aware that if I turn the statue in a certain way, I can lift out the little baby that’s carved at her feet. It’s sort of like a Madonna and child, except this time the child is at her feet. I sense that it’s this little carving of the child that the gypsy actually wants.

I take the statue so the gypsy can’t take it. I’m trying to take it back to another place where I know the people; I feel like it will be harder for the gypsies to do something if I’m there. I want to keep the kids safe.

That’s the best impression I can give of the dream. It’s a hard one to hold onto, and it had a lot of dark energy to it. It’s even dark visually because everything is wooden – old hand carvings and things like that from a different era.

John: Well this dream is very complicated in terms of the stability of the vibration and the energy that is involved. What you’re dealing with is an essence of something that’s very deep, but in your attempts to reach it there is a lot of confusion.

The gypsy energy can be looked at in terms of something that you’re holding onto or withholding. There’s a sense to it of stealing, or trying to get away with something, in a way that can catch you off-guard. That’s why you want to warn the girl and get the statue safely away. You’re trying to maintain your awareness of what can happen.

That can be the way one’s world changes, too, if you think about it. If you’re too dependent upon something from the standpoint of expectations about life, you can get blind-sided by events. That’s like a gypsy energy that comes and takes away or effects things in an unexpected way. I noticed that you described the gypsy as charming, and that’s the way these energies can appear.

But you have to play the gypsy energy in two directions. It can have a blind-side effect, or it can also represent a defense mechanism, where you are trying to get away with something yourself, or are trying to hide something (represented by the statue with the small carved child).

So you are trying to get to something deeper in yourself, but in trying to reach that inner place, you are challenged by this gypsy energy that impedes your progress. It’s like the rhinoceros in the road in your earlier dream from that night that we discussed yesterday.

The essence that you are trying to reach is very precious, but there is some distance to cross before you get to it. The negative energy that arises from your doubts, confusion or, perhaps, even dependency on the status quo, combine into the figure of the gypsy energy that comes to steal away what you are trying to hold onto.

If this gypsy energy rattles you or causes you to lose your way, you won’t reach the essence you are struggling toward. It echoes so many allegories and fables where the children are on a journey, but they have to get past the troll or the ogre before they can reach their destination.

So, this dream is showing you some very, very subtle qualities that can keep you from touching that essence. It may be pointing to overall patterns or psychologies that might prevent you, in the sense of the way you feel about yourself, or of your relationship to the things around you.

Deep down you might be able to hear this essence all the time, but you’ve put some conditions on it that are stifling your ability to connect. That’s the interesting thing. You’re hearing the essence all the time, but you’re hearing it through the aspect of your gypsy reaction, so you are not getting it directly.

It’s a very interesting and complicated dream, so it’s not surprising that it was difficult to pull out.

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