The Wedding Party

John: So, in this dream I have traveled somewhere for a wedding involving relatives that I don’t really know. I’m a stranger there amongst them.

Because I don’t know them, I’m able to look at them differently. I’m trying to look beyond their outer mannerisms and see the inner processes at play – the essences behind their outward appearances.

It’s just a quick wedding so I won’t have time to meet everyone. Yet if I observe a person who has a cough, I can recognize that it’s a reflection that they are somehow removed from a natural inner flow. So I hear the cough but I try to sense why they’re coughing.

In other words, I’m looking for a deeper understanding; a sense of how near or far people are from a state of naturalness. So, rather than me going among these strangers and trying to be a personality, which is what they are doing, I just want to stay with my inner connections and observe the way the Creator works through all of this.

To do this I need to watch, not react or play act, the way a person conducts themselves, or the way the world around them responds. I’m observing the limitations each person has in place as defense mechanisms, or illusions, that create barriers or veils to their inner flow.

At one point I go to a reception that’s just for the closest relatives. I don’t know any of them either. One man saw himself as a minister type, so the first thing he does is tell everyone to take off their ties and pull them back and forth behind their necks. Ridiculous, right?

I thought that this was absurd. I ended up abandoning my observational approach. I didn’t go along with the crowd and I began to act in a noticeably rude way. Instead of rubbing the tie back and forth behind my neck, I’m rubbing it against my foot.

This shows that I’m not in harmony with the group, even to the point of being mocking and disrespectful. So instead of being somewhat invisible, I’m now drawing attention to myself by reacting against the collective uniformity and the attempt to try to pull everyone together.

My heart wasn’t even in the ridiculous movement I was doing, but I had deviated from my inner connections because of my reaction. Had I stuck strictly to my inner flow connection and not gotten reactive, then none of this awkwardness would have come up. Instead, my reaction closed off my ability to see the Divine at play, even in this peculiar scene.

Now, my attention is directed at having to deal with how I am limiting myself, instead of staying with the inner knowingness, the inner flow. So, I’ve become an awkward, disjointed relative who needs to be brought back into the fold. I should have known to stay with my attentiveness.

This is a hard one, in terms of the meaning, but it’s also kind of apparent. In this dream I’m watching myself try to live outwardly what I experience within, knowing that the essence I’m able to connect with never changes in spite of outer appearances.

If I can do that, then things are done with ease, and I don’t disturb the environment, and I’m also respecting the freedom of choice of others. If I don’t do that, then I’m cut off from the inner essence. I don’t need to become confrontational or separated in this situation.

Holding my inner connection protects me from contamination. In other words, I contaminate myself when I try to accommodate myself to the situation I’m in, whether by reaction or play-acting. That only instills defensiveness because it causes veils to exist, both for them, and for me.

So the thing is, we have to hold onto the essence, as opposed to purposely adapting or reacting. I mean we have to live in the world, yet we need to do it in such a way so that no one notices. Only those who have learned to see more will notice, and what they notice is the essence, and its pristine state, and that has an effect that is meaningful and revelatory.

Otherwise, people just notice what they want to notice, in terms of how they are, and they’re left as they are. To be obvious in not accepting the way of life of others is to become a person who spites their own soul.

I’m not in a world that’s confined to those conditions, so why should I do that? I know that if I’m truly connected, everything that occurs around me is simply a part of the overall mosaic.

If I do not recognize this, by fighting an issue to some degree or another, then I’m being defensive and I’m taking a step back from the wholeness.

I don’t need to understand the idiosyncrasies of others, or to judge them in any way. I can just let them be. Whatever I need to see, or hear, will then come to me naturally.

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