Help Along the Way

Jeane: At the end of the last dream, the imagery shifted to this: I have a sack with some clothes in it and I want to change my clothes. I look in the sack and a few of the items look like they actually are for children, but I know they will stretch. There’s also something else in there that I can put on, like jeans or something.

I go and find a basement room off to the side; it’s a bathroom with an anteroom where I’m going to change. Well, when I step into the bathroom, this little boy has walked in after me.

He wants to change his clothes too, but when he realizes he’s entered the women’s bathroom, he wants to leave. In the meantime, a slightly older boy has come into the anteroom and if he sees that the younger boy has entered the women’s bathroom, he’s going to come into that bathroom, too. So, as the older boy opens the door, the younger boy, wanting to hide, jumps into the shower stall. I’ve even turned on the water in the bathtub now.

Well, the older boy comes along and passes by me. He can see through the shower curtain that there’s someone in there. I’m not saying anything because now a woman has come into the anteroom too, and that’s going to be even more embarrassing for the little boy.

I realize the tub has filled up with water, so I reach behind me to drain it. So now I have this woman in the anteroom and the two boys in the bathroom. That’s all I really remember. I think that was when the dream ended.

John: This dream fits with the prior imagery, except now we are seeing the masculine element inside you. The masculine aspect has more of an ability for an adventure, in the sense that your feminine aspect was afraid to travel the dark path alone.

Yet even here, there’s a constant attempt to hide the masculine (the younger boy) because of some fear of judgment that exists. So what you’re seeing is that there are different components to your way of understanding, and coping, in life that are starting to open up.

You have something very, very young (which means, therefore, very ancient) inside of you in the image of this little boy. He comes innocently into the room, not realizing he may be in the wrong place. Even if he is in the wrong place, it’s okay because it needs to somehow or other be made to work.

You have some concern about what’s appropriate and what isn’t, so you, in relationship to your masculine, have that same concern. It’s the germ of that concern that needs to be hidden behind the curtain in this imagery.

That has to happen because a part of you that operates closer to the surface of things, more in the middle between the inner and the outer, comes in, in the image of the older boy. And it is viewed as a type of violation that could throw the functionality of the feminine nature into disarray.

Interestingly, though, for you to be able to figure out how to find your way in the darkness, on the way back and forth between Creation and Creator, you’re going to have to know how to navigate it. And it’s that masculine part inside of you that has the confidence, the sense of adventure, to be able to do that.

You, by yourself, imagine all kinds of peculiarities and neuroses about how dark it is, how you could get lost, etc. You feel you need help. In the first part of the dream you were looking to a part of the feminine to help you (your woman friend), but in the second part you’re realizing that what actually opens up to help you is a quality and characteristic – a type of seeing – that the masculine brings. These young boys represent that.

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