Under Fire

Jeane: As this dream begins I’m in a wooded area up high on a hill. I sense there’s a man I’m associated with nearby, but I don’t see him clearly (if I did see him, I think he’d be dressed in black). I have to make my way from here into the city below, and its a journey from east to west.

I head down, and I even have to climb over fences to get where I’m going. When I reach my destination, there’s a war going on. Then I have to begin my way back, from west to east, but now I’m being pursued – I’m even being shot at.

Any weapon I have seems to be out of ammo. But I’m running through cities, very intent on getting back. I come to one area of a city and I’ve taken shelter. I’m trying to stay down as low as possible as I run from place to place, trying not to get shot.

I look up at one point and there’s a sporting goods store, and the owner is in the window. He has a rifle. I signal to him to throw me something, but all he has to throw me is a bow. When I pick up the bow, I see it has a little sling on it with a leather cup that fits over my elbow for when I pull it back to fire it.

I tell the man, “Great!” because I’m actually a very good shot with a bow and arrow. I had seen another woman shooting a bow and arrow and realized that she was doing well with it. So this is something I can do.

Then I look down on the ground and there are these little rocks lined up that are in the shapes of animals. I decide they are just the right shape to fire with my bow and arrow. I don’t really have an arrow, but I have these arrowhead-like rocks that will be good objects to fire with the bow. So I pick up all these colorful rocks and put them in my pocket. Then I look around for some rougher-shaped rocks that I could also shoot and I quickly pick those up.

Still, the most important thing is to get back to where I started, so I keep moving even though I have to go through an open area and one or two people fire guns at me. They don’t seem to hit me, though – their bullets fall short even though I’m out in the open.

As I keep running I suddenly come upon a series of railroad cars where people have been living. At the end of one car I see people just piled up and spilling out –  it’s hard to tell whether they’re wounded, or dead, or just in a daze from the war.

I notice all this as I’m passing through one of the cars. I see some overweight men there who are drunk. Then I see a silver gun on the floor. I pick it up but it’s an old-fashioned gun and it doesn’t have bullets in it anymore.

I try to fire it towards the window to check, and then I drop it because I just know I have to get back to where I started.

The image I have in my mind is that when I get back to the hilly, wooded area I’m at a little higher point than where I started. I still have to go over a fence to get back.

What I see in my mind is that when I get there, it’s all going to be this chartreuse green color, or it will be black, and I seem to think those two colors are the same. Then I shift slightly and I see that I suddenly come across a scene where it feels like the land and the sky and the water are all a soft, blue color.

That’s the whole dream.

Tomorrow we’ll explore the deeper implications of this chaotic scene.

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