A Fundamental Process

John: I wanted to delve into the deeper process between the masculine and feminine that was indicated by your dream (see Under Fire and Slings and Arrows).

Because we saw you, in the dream, with the bow and arrow, firing out rocks that represent a kind of light into the darkness. What that’s actually showing is that you are utilizing the masculine part of yourself to create something that stirs. The feminine is the wholeness of life, but needs the masculine to trigger aspects of her wholeness out from an unconscious state.

By doing so, the masculine aspect enables what is already in the feminine, but unconscious, to be brought out and made more relevant and more available to her. Thus it’s a fundamental process whereby the feminine reaches an awareness of what’s going on, and sees, then, the relevancy of herself in terms of the whole. At that moment, the feminine aspect can let go of whatever she carries as a burden, or barrier, against the masculine aspect, and can provide the quality of acceptance.

In other words, by getting over her resistance to forgive the masculine (in herself), she enables the “lights” of the masculine to become grounded. It’s the nature of the feminine to be grounded, and of the masculine to be more up in the air, in the way it works. So the feminine needs the lights and insights of the masculine to stir what is already in her, unconsciously, and the masculine needs the feminine to make those insights become grounded in life.

Without this process, the masculine aspect becomes disconsolate because it can’t bring something down and through into life in a way that can touch creation. It’s the feminine who can find the one correspondence to make it all make sense.

It’s a fundamental inner struggle, because the feminine aspect might feel anger or rage against the masculine in terms of how she has been continuously pushed and controlled by it. Yet when she realizes that she is able to bring all of that “light” through, in terms of acceptance of herself without the anger, she is, in that process, able to accommodate the quality of the masculine that is amazing and necessary for her process.

Another way to say it is, if she lets go of her resistance, the feminine can hold the space through which the masculine energy can come through, bringing its sight and clarity, awakened through the feminine, and into creation.

So your dream is showing you your natural connection to the overall, and it is also showing that when you are able to accept the insight from your masculine aspect, you can see more clearly what is going on, and you are better able to navigate situations that come up. It can be very empowering when the feminine gains a better understanding of who she is and of what she is capable.

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