Mission Possible

Jeane: I had the first dream around 1am. I’ve been reading a book about spies lately, and it translated into this imagery.

So in the dream I’m male, and I’m a spy. At least that’s what everyone thinks, so I’m being chased. I have a very special camera – very high speed – that I recently got. As I’m being chased, I realize that even if they catch me, the things I’ve seen have already been recorded.

Basically, the pictures have been transmitted to the camera, and then have been downloaded. It doesn’t really matter if they catch me, because what’s been seen has already been seen.

John: That’s a deep dream, and it’s short and to the point.

What you’re saying is that you have already caught glimpses of something that is important and meaningful in life, and that has been downloaded into the depths of your being. Even though there will be moments, or periods of time, when the past will catch up with you, it won’t win out. Something has changed in you and there’s no going back.

It’s actually a very interesting dream, because it also gives us another example of how our dreams can help us on our spiritual journey. In this case, it’s your higher self that’s relating to you that it has been touched, it’s been reached. So now it’s alive – it’s on the move.

It’s like you’ve had a light bulb moment in relationship to your higher self, so even though the clarity of that moment may get fogged up from time to time, the connection has already had its effect. That’s why in the dream it doesn’t matter if you are caught – the exchange has been completed.

So it’s a wonderful dream. Can you tell it again? It will come out differently the second time. Because it’s so condensed and to the point, telling it again can bring it more alive.

Jeane: Okay. My persona is masculine, and I almost feel like a foreigner because I’ve been reading about spies in other countries. I have this very special camera, which sort of resides up in the sky.

As I see things, images are transmitted to the camera, which then transmits them somewhere else and downloads them. So, even though I’m running and realize that I might be caught, I also know that it doesn’t matter because the camera has already downloaded so much.

John: Ah, so what you’ve indicated in the retelling has added a further dimension to the process.

In both descriptions you indicated that you had a masculine persona. In the retelling, you indicated, by placing the camera up in the sky, the reason why: It’s a trait of the masculine to cause something to come down and through from above. When it does, it seeks to touch that which you are, which is the feminine in Creation, and cause something to open up. When that opens up, the download is made complete.

It’s like what we spoke about yesterday (see A Fundamental Process), where the masculine aspect provided the necessary trigger in you, and you were able to provide the grounding of that into life. Here again, the masculine aspect brings something from above, and needs to connect with the feminine aspect to allow the full download to take place.

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