An Elevated View

John: I think it’s interesting to consider how each of our recent dreams gave us difference advice, if you will, because we are in different places in our spiritual journeys. It’s different, too, because I’m a male and you’re a female, so the interaction between the masculine and feminine aspects within us always seeks a kind of balance, or harmony. It points to the idea that in spiritual work, no two journeys can take the exact same path: we all come from different starting points and must discover our own way, every day of our lives.

It’s a significant point because our dreams are so personal – we generate them ourselves –  so they can offer us an elevated view of where we are in our life journey – and they are always trying to awaken us to our spiritual self, or our higher self, that is more fully connected into the universe. The higher-self view is a perspective that is often hard for us to see in our daily lives, yet it’s the part of us that knows best how to proceed, because it has access to so much more.

What was depicted for you in your dream (see The Dark Forces) was that in your naturalness you have reached a point where you’re stable and solid enough to hold the recognition you have connected to inside. This stability enables you to feel that you can now go back into the world, or into Creation (into the depths of yourself, because you, as the feminine, basically are Creation), and you can deal with the dark energies that might normally be too much to handle.

In my dream (see Blast from the Past), we saw that the dark energies from a certain aspect of my past were still too much for me to handle; i.e., I’m told not to come back. A teacher I know has said that we don’t have to actually confront dark forces within us where there is no light – it can be left behind like another stream of evolution.

However, we actually do have the capability to do so. So there is a point where we can reach a quality of development within, and then we are compelled to take our darkness on, as a next step in the journey. Mostly, though, we should steer clear of it, because it’s at such a depth inside of us it will leave us alone if we don’t engage with it.

In your dream, you are compelled to return and contend with it. In mine, I’m shown that I’m not ready for that, even though part of me thinks I am. That may be my masculine, warrior quality. Yet it could also be a higher-self quality telling me “no,” in that it’s really only the feminine that has the right to come down into Creation – and then only when the feminine has set aside her own darkness about things, i.e., anger or frustration from history and individual experience.

It may only be the feminine that has this right, and not the masculine. That’s another interesting question. It’s my belief that that’s true. It’s something for the feminine to handle in terms of how things need to unfold. I don’t know whether that’s a universal law, or just true for this period in time.

So it’s interesting to see how we each are guided differently, individually, according to where we are, what we are dealing with, and in accordance with the natural laws and purposes of the universe. It’s through dream work that we can gain access to our inner guidance, which can help keep us aligned to the higher purposes and processes at play.

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