The Invaders

Jeane: Well, I lost my middle dream, unless it comes back, but my last dream was actually kind of amusing. In this dream it feels like I’m back in Roman times because of the way people are dressed. There’s an oval pit dug in the floor, filled with sand, and there are people milling around down there.

Suddenly some invaders come in on the top level, above the pit, and one of them is very…

John: So this pit is like an arena?

Jeane: No, it’s more like a social event is going on. Let’s put it that way.

John: And now all of a sudden there’s someone (something) else coming in?

Jeane: Yes, they’re invaders.

John: So you start off in this situation that you are a part of – it’s familiar to you in the sense that you can relate to what’s happening, on some level. And in this lower area – a deeper aspect of yourself that represents some part of your unconscious – you are taking something in and you are not alone in the process.

And then these invaders are causing you to have to make a shift, or an adjustment, to the fact that the space you are in now has to accommodate a recognition of something new that is being compelled or pushed upon you (the invaders).

So one of the aspects of this scenario thus far is that you are meant to be able to handle what has just come in. I mean, you begin in a state of relative balance, and this new invasion is something you are being asked to contend with. It’s showing that you are meant to handle this new aspect while still staying balanced and conscious.

Basically, a greater vista inside of you is opening up – awakening – and you are being asked to accept it, or come to know it, or to take it in in some way. And these vistas that are opening up feel to you like invaders.

So you are describing a fairly advanced process of awakening, because the imagery also shows you observing aspects of your unconscious self from an elevated position, and the new aspects are coming in at the upper level (from the higher self).

The invaders represent an awakening to a greater aspect of the whole of life, so you will need to make an adjustment to accommodate that. In others words, two basic outplays can happen, either you continue what you are doing and accommodate the new into that – as an inclusiveness – or you stop what you’re doing and get overwhelmed.

So let’s see what happens.

Jeane: One of the invaders, who must be the leader, holds a heavy whip that he lays on the floor. There is a man standing in the corner who is shielding two women. The invader challenges the man to hand over one of the women, or to prepare to fight over it.

The man is resistant to surrendering a woman, so it’s not clear what’s going to happen. The invader makes the demand again.  

Then a woman from the opposite corner of the room – a pretty blonde woman in a lime green dress, very graceful – steps up and says, “I’m not afraid of you.” Well, the invader is again making his demand that the man hand over a woman for the night, and the blonde woman again speaks up. She looks at him and says, “I’m not afraid of you.”

That makes everything change. Then a courier for the invader arrives. He comes down and lays a small silver packet at the blonde woman’s feet and asks her where he can find her father because he needs to speak with him.

It becomes clear that the invader, who came in thinking he was going to abduct a woman for the night, is now going to end up with a wife.

Interesting! Tomorrow we will see what is being shown through this imagery.

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