The Stirring Within

John: In this dream, I’m carrying the feeling of being cut off, or removed, from something that I’m looking for, inside. Try as I might, I can’t even remember what it is that I’m looking for. Ideas pop into my head, but I’m unable to hold onto them. It feels as though I’m looking for something that isn’t there.  

Still, I look and I look. Suddenly, you come back to bed (in the outer world) and I’m able to identify that something is being revealed in me. But what is being revealed is still only at a vibrational level. I’m excited because I feel as though I’m about to figure something out.  

When you return to bed it coincides with my excitement at having reached a crescendo, but I also get jolted awake. My feeling is that I haven’t completed my inner search, and I’m left with a longing inspired by the dream.

This imagery shows that I’ve gone back to the beginnings of things. We have been talking about dream work, and asking the question, “Is every person meant to awaken to a spiritual life?” So this dream finds me back at the beginning, where we all find ourselves at some point.

Yet even at the beginning we are seeking something more, even though we don’t know that we’re doing it, and we don’t know what we’re searching for, or what we want.

So to begin with, when we go to sleep, it’s like we give access to a vibration that seems to restore our sense of self. Not only are we recharging our energy for a new day, we are also being healed, to some degree, of the stresses and burdens that we face in our waking life. Sleep each night helps keep us from being overwhelmed.

Sleep, this period of “going home” – to an inner place – restores us and enables us to face the new day. Typically, we take the process of sleep for granted – just as we do our ability to breathe. Sleep is something that’s just accepted, yet few of us really consider what it is and the key role it plays in maintaing our health and helping us evolve during our lifetime.

So, in my dream, I’m looking for something, but I’m unsure of what. This is like the initial stage of a spiritual journey – having a sense that there’s something more, but not knowing what that might be or where to look. And we may have that sense of longing in our waking life, but it may well begin during sleep, where we are always connected to the higher part of ourselves, even if it’s at a subconscious level.

For most people, the usefulness of sleep begins and ends with getting a good night’s rest. The physical world we inhabit is the only reality of interest; we think that everything of importance happens “out there.”

Upon waking in the morning, we open our eyes and everything that was going on inside seems to fall away. We may or may not consciously remember any of the imagery of our dreams, and if we do we might consider them strange or confusing. Most people really only consider how well they’ve rested.

The switch to something greater – an awakening – can come to the person who is able to recognize that there is more to life than meets the eyes. That sense can come from a connection to nature, an inner knowing, or the nudging and guidance that happens during sleep and through our dreams.

So everyone experiences such vibrations, which refresh and restore, which we take in at night and take for granted, and for some there is an awakening to something more. It is only then that the spiritual world consciously begins to open up. The inner connections have been made.

This is incredibly important to the unfolding of a human life. The human design has embedded this process of awakening to a spiritual life as a latency within it. It’s really as natural to us as the desire to continue the species, but that is more robotic in nature.

A spiritual journey can be hinted at through this latent coding we all have, but following it can only be undertaken by free choice, otherwise we would be no different than slaves or robots.

Every soul that has the focus and attention can reach the deeper levels of themselves, but the choices required can only happen in their time. Thus, to answer the question “Is every person meant to awaken to a spiritual life?” the answer is “Yes, and it happens in accordance with how well they’re able to catch up with that which is astir within.”

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