Inside Ride

Jeane: In this last image it is night, or twilight. I’m not sure whether it’s night and the moon is out, or if it’s twilight, but I’m able to see where I’m going. I’m wandering around some hills, looking for something. I go up on a path that runs along a cliff and then heads inland a bit.

At this point, I look over to my right among the hills and I see a man. He was the object of my search; he’s someone I knew in high school. Even though by profession he was a doctor, he became well known later in life as an artist – he makes bronze sculptures. 

What he’s doing, and my impression is that he does this every night out in the hills, is ride these wild roller coasters. I think he even takes me on a brief ride because I can see the roller coaster hop up and down above the hills as it goes along.

After the ride, he tells me the real way to take a ride on a roller coaster is to be naked. I’m having my doubts about that when I wake up.

John: You’re really doing an interesting job. In this dream it’s like you’re seeing the consequences of what is happening when you go on a journey, in your inner self, at night. To make that journey, you have to let go of everything, and that can throw you around in who-knows-what kind of roller coaster fashion.

In order to get the full essence of all that, because you’re in another plane of existence (when dreaming), you have to completely let go, which is the sense of being naked. You can’t hold onto anything, even in your sleep, when you enter this whole other domain. You can’t bring any limitation across into that domain; you can’t clothe yourself in any capacity if you want to really do this right.

If you’re able to do this – to let go of everything and be “naked” – then you’re imprinted in some way that makes you artistic, or creative, or the creator, in terms of how you’re able to be in your outer life. You’re then able to carry something across – you’re affected by this whole adventurism from within – and take it into the outer where you can freely design and sculpt your existence.

So you’re getting a glimpse of yourself from the aspect of the creativity and design potential of your own being. And that has to do with being able to truly let go of your ego, and your senses, and your mind, as you journey your way in the inner while you sleep.

This enables you to enter into this helter skelter, scary, unbelievable roller coaster ride of the inner, that takes you to who-knows-where. As a consequence, being able to traverse this playground of the inner, you gain the knowing that allows you to come back into the outer and sculpt and design and shape things.

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