Space Will Be Provided

John: In my dream, I see myself driving across country and I know where I’m going. I’m able to make almost the whole journey without having to think about it. 

I only have to focus when I turn off the main road and take a shortcut that will take me to different areas in Idaho. There are courthouses I need to visit and I have a friend with me whom I want to show how I do my research. 

So I have a general sense of what needs to be, and that I can proceed without having to indulge in it, or think about it much, because I know that it has a quality that’s just there. There’s nothing for me to think about. It’s just what is meant to shift or be there.

At some particular point though, I begin to place a greater focus on where I’m specifically going, and that’s about it. Then that jumps to a point where I see myself arriving at a destination.

Because, perhaps, this courthouse experience is something embedded deep inside of me as a memory, when I arrive at one of these destinations (of which there could be many), I see myself full of confidence, assured and knowing that I can figure out whatever the system requirements are for this particular town.

Even though this might be the first time I’ve stepped inside a specific courthouse, it’s a cookie-cutter process for me.

So at this one courthouse I’m ready to stride right in and go about my business, but a person monitoring people as they enter and flow inside meets me in the corridor. He pulls me aside as I try to enter and I’m told that I need to sign in.

There are other people waiting in the corridor, but they’ve already signed a paper and have settled into this makeshift lobby. When I glance at them, they don’t seem to have a whole lot of energy. They seem disconsolate and disorganized, because they don’t quite have a sense of things. That’s not my situation.

As I’m about to sign in and I’m looking at the sheet, I see that some signatures are scratched out. They’re repeating over and over again. There’s a real small space for each of them to sign in. I’m staring at this. It doesn’t quite look right to me.

Suddenly the monitor takes the page out of my hand and turns it over, indicating that I’m to sign in on the space at the top of that page. No one else has signed in on this sheet and this is the largest space provided for a signature and it’s right at the top. There’s none of the confusion that I saw on the other side of the sheet.

So the imagery of this dream is showing me that there comes a time on the spiritual path where a person has gained a small sense of the journey. The person can almost feel it in their bones, as if there’s a latent familiarity. This recognition is energetically visible to the destiny for that soul. Space is provided for this destiny to unfold.

It’s a very different state from those who are still searching and sorting things out (those waiting in the corridor). People who are still searching continue to be cycled over and over again to help them sort things out.

This dream shows that the pathway is much more open for me. I must still go through a sign-in monitor, however. In fact, it annoys and disturbs me a bit that I have to sign in because I was just going to confidently stride right on through.

So there’s no question that I will be allowed entrance by the monitor, but there is a sense of being slowed down somewhat in my approach. There seems to be a different speed or flow set forth for me to experience.

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