Change of State

Jeane: So, after the imagery about the property deed, the dream switches to a scene where I’m walking along and I meet a man. He lives with three younger men who all move together in a strange form. They’re lower to the ground and they’re a little circular in their shape. 

It’s like they’re in a clam shell shape except, of course, larger because it’s three bodies. Where they live together they’ve developed certain rituals. They’re explaining to me some of these rituals and even want me to partake in some of them.

I experience part of one of the rituals. I’m not planning to go live with them, so it’s not like I do the whole ritual.

Then, if I recall correctly, it feels like a young woman I know comes along and we leave together.

I just didn’t pull much of that dream out. In fact, I had even forgotten that part and had to struggle for it.

John: What this imagery seems to be showing is that you have been introduced into a situation that is different from what seems normal, and it has its own ways of going on, i.e., its own rituals.

But you aren’t reacting to this different situation in a personal way. You’re not saying how you view it, and technically you aren’t affected by it because you’re able to hold onto another state within yourself. It’s like you are getting a tour.

However, what you’re coming into contact with has an unusual manner, or pattern. That doesn’t mean that you have to conform or change yourself to the vibration of that space, but it’s part of what you find yourself involved in.

So this is a further look, through your dreams, at our waking life decision to purchase some property in Las Vegas, which has come to pass rather suddenly in a place we haven’t spent much time.

And Las Vegas obviously has a very different vibrational energy than where we usually spend our time in the Northwest. So what this imagery is showing is that, in the face of this very different environment, you can still hold, or maintain, something that is familiar in terms of your inner wholeness.

You can hold onto that inner space and you don’t have to conform to the situation in the outer that is out of proportion or alignment from what you know to be more natural or true for yourself, right?

Jeane: Well, what’s interesting is that I don’t often analyze or reflect on things the way that you do, but this morning I suddenly found myself thinking about how when things go awry, like with the deed, or when you compare one place to another, you go to extremes, as if something is all wrong in one place and all right somewhere else.

Somehow that propelled me into asking, “Have we gotten a message about how we’re to approach Las Vegas?” I realize that if I look at the Las Vegas experience overall, what I become aware of is that in Las Vegas there’s both an elegant feminine aspect that can take a lot in, and there’s an alertness to the desert that can communicate.

For me, what I have to be careful about is not becoming disoriented by the energy or I’ll lose my connections to things. However, for me, there’s also a feeling that I can link up with an unconscious, or lost, feminine, that can become conscious again – with help from the masculine.

So I can see how an experience can offer both challenges and insights into our spiritual journey. Whether the challenges overwhelm us or we learn from the insights is up to us.

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