Turtle Island

Jeane: Well, I only remember the last part of this dream because it kind of shocked me. There’s a lot of activity going on, and the activity seemed to be taking place on board a large ship. There’s a trial, or a meeting, going on.

John: A trial?

Jeane: Or a meeting of some kind. All of the different groups that have been involved in the dream are there and someone is explaining that they didn’t know how a certain substance was smuggled out of somewhere and not tracked.

Since I’m the one that smuggled it out, I explain that I didn’t take the substance out in a normal form – I took it out in these little cubes that fit in cartons. The substance is made into little, white, chalk-like cubes that turtles like to eat.

Then I was involved in releasing the cubes so that the turtles would have food. I suddenly become aware that some of the people I was working for to gather, or to smuggle, the turtle food, might actually plan to track down the turtles when they come to eat and shoot them. 

I guess the turtles interfered with their shipping. I’m so shocked to find this out that I just wake right up. I thought I was helping get food to the turtles, and here these people are going to track the turtles down and kill them.

I’m so shocked that I can’t remember the beginning of the dream or anything.

John: Interesting. Well, as a symbol, the turtle represents all of creation. It’s the back upon which all of creation sits, and the secret substance that you’re able to smuggle out, which is like the turtle food – is the essence upon which all of creation exists.

So you’re able to realize that if you uphold, or support, something in the overall, if you can truly do that in terms of the whole, you catch up with the secret substance. In other words, you can’t catch up with this sort of thing unless you honor it in relationship to the whole and, when you do, then it’s complete. You’re at the essence of the world of creation.

When you reach this mystical understanding of how things work, in terms of catching up with the quality of this inner essence, it has to do with recognizing that what is real is related to the whole. Others ponder how this can be because, if it belongs to the whole, how is it possible that you could smuggle, or have any access to, something that belongs to, or is food for, the whole?

The reason is because you, as a human being, are the whole – you’re part of the whole, you’re everything in the whole. You are the turtle world in its fullest context. Then, of course, the alarm in your dream – the shock – is the condition of things. All the essence – the turtle food – is being used for purposes other than what was meant.

In the outer world, it seems each person goes about with their own personal agendas, existing in their narrow, ego-based lives, with no consideration for the whole of the species, the whole of the planet, or the whole of creation. This perspective creates the veils and the confusion, and the continuing delusion, that is all around us.

In your dream, after having gotten a glimpse of how magnificent and wondrous it can be, the shock of that reality would be pretty traumatic.

Jeane: Yes, they were going to kill the turtles.

John: That’s what happens. We’re killing the turtle when we shut ourselves off from this inner essence we all are naturally connected with. We’re killing the magic of what life is about, and what the human being is meant to be.

So, our dreams lately seem to have something to do with catching up with a progression of what is. It’s important to be able to not get detoured into some specific aspect, or linear condition, because we’re meant to be able to take in the whole. In other words, we should be able to see all the cities and realms of ourselves (see The Lost City).

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