No Limitations

John: I’m doing something similar to you in my dream, where I need to clear a threshold, or limitation, in order to live life in a noble way (see Missing Pieces). I bring this knowledge back to recognize how the heart guides one in this process – if one has the courage and strength to follow the heart and not the meaningless peculiarities that can hold our attention and knock us off track.

In the first dream, I’m in a condo building that has a number of units that have limited-use rights. Certain units just naturally have access to all the amenities, and other units don’t.

I’m trying to resolve this situation because it just doesn’t make sense to me. I figure out that the square footage is the same for all the units, so it could be that certain units are just not utilizing the common elements that are available to everyone.

If they all utilized the common elements, then they all would carry the same (increased) freedom. There’s no excuse for not appreciating and enjoying what is common to all, because everything in the building is actually the same; no unit has rights over another. 

In trying to comprehend this issue, I realize it has something to do with a type of presence. In other words, certain units don’t have a presence in this greater open area and that’s why something seems limited, or constrained.

Then I have a brief glimpse that this presence is represented by a man who is in the nearby area, but not in the building itself. This man should be in the building; that’s a link that needs to exist. 

So, my attention goes to trying to figure out how to make these two ends come together (as you were doing in your dream). My attention is upon normalizing the relations so that everything is same/same in terms of the energetic flow therein. I know that this issue can’t be fixed as long as I remain off to one side, or “gone” so to speak, instead of as part of the whole.

What I find most disturbing is that these limitations are self-imposed, and they take away from the feeling and flow that I consider important to create an atmosphere that permeates equally throughout. 

The energetic is that I look and look for a rational explanation for a limitation that must be transcended. I’m realizing that it needs to be transcended and, based upon my understanding, such limitations will fall away with a certain presence, a certain natural presence – that’s the energetic.

This dream is showing me that a coming together needs to happen for appreciative purposes. This is what is missing in terms of what I am reviewing energetically. I seek to change this oddity. I do this with my heart.

I connect my heart to what is called for and in doing so the limitations fall away. I’m compelled to do this because if I don’t I’ll remain confused, my heart will ache, and the joy that needs to come out will remain suppressed.

By approaching it as if this is a kind of guidance and hearing that one follows that comes from the heart, the building becomes evenly “cooked” – which is what is currently missing because there’s an irregularity there.

To say it another way, there is a barrier, or a gap, or there are veils between the two, which makes no sense because there’s nothing in life that requires it to be like that. It’s just that we often adopt limitations, thinking they are “us,” when really we have limited ourselves for no good reason.

Missing Pieces

Jeane: In my dreams last night, the impression I have is that I am trying to find something that will complete something else, and it is a struggle.

At one point I have a ticket, or something rectangular – it could even be money. Then I have something circular, and I’m looking for the piece that completes it. 

Somebody is constructing something. I’m annoyed with them. Part of my struggle has to do with shapes, and trying to complete the building of something.

There’s a young masculine energy that might be getting in the way, and that’s why I’m annoyed, but I can’t pull out the details. I was working pretty hard at it.

John: The compelling energetic of the dreaming last night focused on trying to cause something to come into cohesion, or balance.

What you are doing is looking at some limiting barrier, inside, and trying to bring that into alignment. This type of dynamic gets triggered when a person goes through sadness or hurt, or experiences an aching heart, compared with a happier feeling of soaring.

In other words, it’s the feeling of great relief or of a breakthrough. It’s reaching a state of peace, happiness, or joy, when earlier the feeling may have been a quality of sadness, or an aching heart. Between these two states there is the search for the missing pieces, which could manifest as to trying to find something, or to break through a barrier or veil, or to bridge a gap that lies in the way.

If you don’t experience the aching heart (to find the missing piece), or if you don’t have the contrast with something exhilarating and joyful, then you don’t have both polarities to work with. One polarity is an up energy and the other polarity is a down energy (the aching heart). If you don’t go in both directions, or take into account both degrees, then you won’t have a dream like you had last night where you are trying to resolve the difference, so that the two aspects can come together.

This is how veils, or barriers, are transcended in life. The depth and the height are brought together, and the inner and the outer are brought together. By reaching an inner depth, one can then reach the height.

It can almost get to the point where it’s hard to tell which is which. This is the process whereby life is nurtured. To learn to live in this zone – to be able to recognize inside oneself the wisdom of those two polarities – and to live in a zone that pulls them together into wholeness… that’s a human being who connects to everything in life.

That’s what it is all about. That’s what is required. It can only happen through the human – we are designed to process in this way. So this is exactly how we’re meant to live in the human body, rather than spending our time figuring out how to either project or protect our own self-identity.

It’s a state of freedom, really, where we can flow freely. After a certain point of maturity, we can stop letting ourselves get smashed in the depths – the aching heart, or despair, anger, or sadness – of whatever our predilection is, which is just a symptom of us being in a contracted state and shut down.

It’s good if we don’t have to do that. But if we do, then we tend also to the opposite extreme, which isn’t a whole lot different, because that sets us up for a fall. When we soar to these unbelievable heights in terms of a sense of wonderfulness, without the other state pulled together and brought into the in-between, then there’s an imbalance in either direction. Either polarity is a flipside of the same coin.

It’s not a whole lot different when everything is working out wonderfully and you’re riding the wave of that, compared to when everything is all compressed and you’re shut down and in contraction. Technically speaking, those two states are simply thresholds of extremes that are flip sides of each other – the polarities of existence.

The veils all fall away when you bring yourself to face a challenge or overcome what lies in between. When you feel how to do that – and the feeling of how to do that is the actual carrying forth of that energetic – you can penetrate the veils and come that much closer to the truth of things.

Animal Nature

John: In this dream, I’m gathering up animals that have an energetic nature that I seek. The dream does not reveal why I’m doing this.

In other words, the action in the dream itself is just a process. I have to intuit through the process to understand why this is meaningful.

There’s an animal, like a zebra, that I intercept in the process of being transferred or moved around in some capacity. It’s somewhat under control, and I intercede and incorporate it amongst other animals that I already have. I have it sandwiched, so to speak, between two other larger animals in a gated, container transport. These other animals aren’t where my attention is placed. 

My attention is placed on the well being of the zebra and transporting it in a way that keeps it calm and balanced. I’m a bit concerned that it could get claustrophobic, or could hurt itself, or could react in some way where it might try to jump over a side railing (the railing is not very high and therefore not very safe for these tight conditions). 

I’m hoping and trying to get by as best I can, to move this (zebra) energetic about and try to keep it in its normal state of calm, acceptance, and easy-to-handle demeanor while in an environment that is quite compressed.

I know this might be asking a lot, but I’m looking hard to see if this will work out. But the zebra isn’t the only animal energetic that I seek. In other words, it’s compressed in amongst other animals that are important too. However, this is the principal player.  

There are also smaller animals that I need. I’m thinking I could capture them because of the recent heavy snowfall. The smaller animals will be out of their element and not used to bounding around in the snow. They could be slowed way down to a point where I could just scoop them up.

I’m applying this assumption to rodent-type animals. I think they will find this snowy environment unnatural enough that it will slow them down to the point where I can capture them and move them to a new setting. 

So, my focus is primarily upon two animals. The first is like a small zebra, or horse, that’s wide across the middle like a burro, which, under normal conditions, is a fairly calm creature. I’ve already rounded up this animal, but until I’ve transported it safely to its new residing place, it could become claustrophobic, because it’s compressed between other large animals. That’s one concern I have.

The other primary animal that I notice my energy drawn to is that of a muskrat. I don’t think the muskrat will fare well in the deep snow. I’m concerned, however, that I may have made a mistake in gauging this animal’s acuity because, as I watch it, it seems to be doing just fine.

My thinking was that it would get lost in the deep snow when it was down on all fours. However, I see now that it has the ability to rise up on its hind legs and move about in an upright position – it can see where it’s going. 

Someone tells me that my plan to catch up with the muskrat, because of the deep snow, isn’t going to work. This causes me to look for a different approach.

This muskrat is also like (has the feeling of) a woman who’s under the watchful eye of her father. The idea I come up with is to entice her to train under a boxing champion named Zimm Commensky. If this energetic – first as a muskrat that can rise up on its hind legs to see where it is, and then as a young woman well protected by her father – is to be captured, my plan is to do so while taking the energetic out of its usual element, i.e., enticing it into being trained by Zimm, a first class champion.

I figure this will work because that’s when the protection that this young woman, or energetic, has naturally about itself, will be the most off guard. 

So, what is going on here? I’m endeavoring to cause a change, based on taking raw energy and channeling it in a new way.

There are two energetic components to which my attention is most drawn. The first is the natural, calm, stable demeanor of a zebra, as accepting of itself. I need that composure. I also need it as a foundational energetic in this new place (Las Vegas) that’s still in the process of being shaped.

I also need a catalyst. This is harder to acquire. Such energy is quite adaptive, meaning that it can change with the circumstances. This energy is also well protected in whatever environment it finds itself in.

What I need to do to reach this energetic is to present it with what it feels it needs. When the energetic accepts that, that’s when a conversion is possible.

So this dream is showing me that the way I’m being directed to proceed is important for what is being shaped, and is needed for a certain purpose in my life. This involves stability, acceptance, peacefulness, and balance, like a zebra, and the curiosity, alertness, and agility of a muskrat. These are currently the principle components I require to change the current flow to something new.