A Touch of Mink

John: In this dream, I’m in a secured, gated enclave with many residents, but I go outside into an abandoned peripheral area. I’m there to pick up all these square plastic containers that are littering the yard.

These are the type of containers that you might put strawberries or blueberries in, and they have lids. Some of them are broken into pieces. I pick those up, but what I’m really doing is stacking them together so I can carry them all.

There are so many and some are in areas that have been left alone so long that I notice that when I push a bunch together some dark brownish ooze will drip out as a result. No one even knows that these containers are there. Then I see myself carrying them back to the place where the residents live, which is an exquisite, gated setting.

As I’m returning, a muddy, antique car parked on the edge catches my attention. It obviously hasn’t been used for a long time, and I look around the tires to see if there are any containers lying there.  

There aren’t, but I can see that this car is a very good, vintage vehicle even though at first I thought it was junk. Because no one who lives in the enclave pays any attention to this area anymore, they are stunned that I find so many plastic containers lying around. I guess that their security has shielded them from an awareness of this outer part. Of course, I suppose I’m the same way.

I’m aware that the border to this gated entrance is supposed to be covered in mink. This is a design from the past, and the color is like the chocolate color of the muddy contents that seem to be oozing out from the containers.

But I can see that the color of the security gate is in the process of being changed to that of a light brown, like the color of a squirrel. I know that this means change is afoot.

So what does all this mean? Mink represents old money, and an aspect of stability to the way things have been done. Squirrel depicts a more current accumulator. Mink reflects established energy, while squirrel is more industrious in terms of the current times. Squirrel introduces change to what is set and stable.

Although squirrel energy can be frenetic, it’s a change that carries with it an appreciation of the flow. Mink actually is a ferocious creature, but the change is unexpected because mink has lost its dynamic state within the flow.

Squirrel energy compels the mink environment to take notice of it as life is shifting. The mink energy has lost touch with the way the inner needs to embody the whole. The mink is unaware that what once had been industrious and fruitful, has now become empty because it’s not paying attention. It has created a shield from the rest of life and that tends to shut things down. And, of course, remnants of that past (the containers, the car), are scattered all over the yard, forgotten or ignored.

The remnants of the containers used to carry fruit. So those in the secure enclave no longer embrace the outer periphery and its aliveness. As a result the residents are unaware of a greater existence. I’m bringing these containers inside for disposal purposes to draw their attention to that which was, and is, still possible.

The deeper meaning is that I’m a force that causes what is established to take stock of itself in a new way. This occurs as the mink energy integrates this whirl, or flow, of the squirrel energy and vice versa. The change is both confronting and relieving to the established mink setting.

It’s confronting and relieving because when you get too set too in your ways – your creature comforts and old patterns – you don’t properly appreciate what you have, yet you feel dependent upon them nevertheless.

Of course a mink in the setting hides from the squirrel based flow because the change can lead to unexpected consequences, but also to unexpected realizations. Maybe that’s what this process we’re going though is about?

Isn’t that an interesting depiction?

Jeane: It doesn’t really answer any questions.

John: It doesn’t answer any questions, per se, but it tells me what’s going on as forces of energy are interacting.


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