Crime and Punishment

Jeane: Early in the night, I felt like my dreams were about watching acrobats, because we had gone to see Cirque du Soleil. Later I had a dream that took place in an era from the past.

A young girl and her friend are on a road, along with people from her village. She and her friend do something that offends people, especially one young soldier, so they’re going to punish the two of them. 

I don’t remember how they were going to punish the friend, but the young girl was going to have her face held down on a counter, with her nose against something like ice, for a certain period of time. 

She’s protesting this because the way they plan to do it could damage her nose. The soldier, who at first was insistent that it be done because he had been insulted, has started to change his mind. But there are some older women from the village who are insisting that the punishment go forward.

Before the punishment can be meted out, some people, who were hidden, appear and snatch the girl away.

When the soldier and his friend go to find her, the hidden people trap them in the hallways of the building they are in. Then they actually tie the soldier’s friend down behind what looks like a mouse hole; they’re going to subject him to the same punishment the soldier was going to force on the young girl.

In order for the soldier to set his friend free, he has to get to him without setting off a large array of mouse traps that have been attached to things that look like they could blow up. The soldier is uncertain how to do that.

Suddenly the older women and other people from the village come rushing in and they brush against all these mouse traps, which causes them to just go “poof” and disappear in a harmless way.

The girl, meanwhile, has gone into the other room and now the setting has returned to more modern times. Someone asks the girl her name, and she gives her name one way but then says she could give it another way because I think her parents were divorced a long time ago and she could use her mother’s name.

When she says that last name, someone realizes that she’s the child of the person who rescued her, but her rescuer didn’t even know it because of the name change.

So, that was one dream.

John: This dream describes a quality whereby you indulge in something to the point where you transform it into something else. But the dream also indicates that this indulgence is a wonderful quality in that it can cause…

Let me say it this way: If your focus is upon something that’s right in terms of its importance, flow, and unfolding, it can give you the ability to make things go “poof.” When things harmlessly go “poof” in the dream, they are “traps” being released from other things in the environment or surroundings.

This idea is worth looking at in greater depth, so we will continue this discussion tomorrow.

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