Put to Sleep

John: In this next dream there is a woman who is having an effect upon a particular place, and that effect comes from an inner quality of her being. Something about the place seems to accommodate her nature. She is soothed by it, yet at the same time unable to consciously live in it.

Said another way, she lives an aspect of it on the surface, but she doesn’t live it at the greater depth that is possible.

In my sleep I find myself pondering this situation. I’m wondering why this quality is only coming into view indirectly – subtly visible but still behind the surface? This subtle essence is making itself known from time to time as a quality of peacefulness that the space holds. 

When I picture this inner quality, as I pause, I see it as being one step behind. And, for the most part, out of the equation. In other words, it’s there but not fully alive or awakened. 

The meaning here is that there’s a change that needs to be noted and appreciated by me, as a way of being. I need to acknowledge it and take it into my psyche in an experiential way. Maybe that’s all it needs – to be recognized and acknowledged.

In this next dream I see myself come into a courtyard area. The building that it’s a part of is bigger than a normal house, and this courtyard is connected to it. I’ve come from an inner area into an outer area, and I have an idea of what it is that I’ve come to do, but I’m not able to hold onto what that is, to sustain it. 

It seems that my senses are caught by a fragrance that emanates from inside the ancient building, into the courtyard. I note it, but I’m not taking it in. There’s something about the way the fragrance affects me; I go off to one side and fall asleep. 

I lose track of what had been an inner acuity (the fragrance) when inside the building (which is part of me), and relapse into amnesia, then fall asleep. In other words, I’m unable to bring this essence from the inner (building) into the outer (shown as the courtyard) with consciousness.

I see myself in the far corner of the courtyard, totally checked out and unable to know and experience this essence because I’ve gone to sleep. 

Of course, this is yet another dream that portrays how I’m easily led astray, even after having been on the right track. This shows how I lose track of where I am in life. What is added to this idea is the potential to maintain a sense of whether something is right or not in terms of how it needs to be. To do that, I need to be able to hear it in the empty space. Or, not fall asleep from the fragrance.

So what has been an ancient setness in the inner, leads to a quality that has awakened. This quality has awakened to a point where it can sense whether something is the next right step to take or not – as a knowingness.

I’ve always wondered about that potential because I feel it inside me – of getting to a point where I just naturally know what’s going to happen and it can keep me from making mistakes. Not that I know precisely what’s going to happen, but I can feel intuitively whether it’s the right thing or not.

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