Inner Resources

John: These next dreams literally take me back to the question of buying a condo here in Las Vegas.

In this dream, I own a condo unit in an exclusive building. My real estate agent is interviewing a young lady who’s interested in renting the space. She has seen the unit and wants it.

The broker says that she needs to present a financial statement that shows that there’s $4.1 million in the account and then the deal will be a slam dunk; in other words, she’ll be qualified. 

She says to him, “We need to talk.” She has a different proposal for him to review. I don’t know how this came about other than I’m told that the “triangle approach” was used. The woman took on more debt as she augmented her position and, in the end, the fact that she did this maneuver disqualified her. 

In other words, she was encouraged to do whatever she needed to do, so she came up with another approach and that was something that wasn’t appropriate. It was disqualifying. I get the report back that she used the triangle approach, which allowed the offer to unfold and it had three legs to it. The woman proceeded to do what was required to fit the criteria, but in doing so she was no longer acceptable to the place.

In this dream everything gets deferred. The number that comes back, way later, is $646,000. I’m still pondering this as I wake up as you are offering an interim suggestion: “If you want to.”

The meaning here is, I need to be guided into following a simple flow, rather than getting sidetracked by more confusion. What I’m looking at in terms of the negotiation results in even more that needs to be sorted out. I don’t need more to sort out, with triangles and all of that.

The next dream covers similar territory:

I own a condo that is situated energetically above a casino in Las Vegas.

In order to redesign and make this condo viable requires the use of an internal corridor that lies between my condo and the casino. The top step of the staircase in this corridor is broken

On an energetic level, the casino is affected. There is no rational outer reason for why this broken step affects the casino, but from the aspect of an interconnected aliveness there is a linkage between the casino and my space. 

In the dream, I have resources at my disposal stored in a room that only I have access to. This room, like the staircase, is also located in this inner corridor. The resources I have stored enable me to fix (and this is the other odd part), and oil, the step to make it more flexible. I mean, the step is solid but I oil it.

I see myself fixing the step without involving the casino. What I do, however, does have an indirect effect upon the casino. I become aware of the connection when I notice that my joy is the casino’s joy after I fix the step.

So this imagery is showing me that I have access to inner resources, which are stored in an inner part of me, and can be used as needed. These resources are necessary to complete the next “step” in life.

In other words, I need to utilize these inner resources to continue my progress. The casino of me is overjoyed.

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