Ground Control

Jeane: I couldn’t pull out most of my dreams last night, and I think it’s because I’m already beginning to contemplate setting up the condo. One thing I remember is an image I had while still awake.

I was seeing with my eyes shut as clearly as I do with them open. I was seeing a room that was filled with marble and polished oak – it was an unusual room.

It’s not a room I’ve seen in real life, but I felt as though I was actually seeing it. There was marble and oak, and even some columns. There was a polished marble table that came out in a curve, and marble floors. The walls seemed to be mostly marble and solid oak. It was a pretty room.

John: So, what was your attention drawn to?

Jeane: I just saw it. I saw it while I was still awake. My eyes were shut, but I saw it as clear as day – that’s why it threw me.

John: Did the marble have a polish to it?

Jeane: Oh yes, the whole room was polished.

John: So, you’re seeing yourself holding, or preserving, a space that is polished like that?

Jeane: I guess so. At least I was seeing it.

John: You weren’t looking out from it, though?

Jeane: No, I was looking in at the room.

John: Just looking in at the room. That’s very grounding isn’t it?

Jeane: Yes.

John: Well, what I think you’re doing is that you’re looking at a polarity.

In other words, this is an aspect through which something is pulled into a base or a state. That base position or state is something that grounds you in a way, which then lets you reach out and explore from there.

You have to develop the auric quality of the vibration of this particular polarity. Then you still have what is yet to unfold, because that requires the energy to be grounded first. Whatever that energy is, it can then project or extend out from this grounded base. It needs to be centered in itself in this way.

If you were to try another way to portray this, it’s like the condo we are considering. The way it is situated, it accentuates something that lies beyond it – it pulls it in, so to speak – almost like into an energetic vacuum.

It’s almost like this polished space you describe, which works in a capacity that can pull into itself, or can contain, by its energetic magnetism, whatever image extends out from this point (of the dream). It can pull it all together into something that’s as solid as marble and oak. 

Oak is something very old, marble is something that’s very set and, when it’s polished, it glistens. What exists, beyond what you’re literally looking at, is likely to be of a more temporal nature that comes back to this space as its base.

In other words, the other energetic is in need of something that roots it. So you’re looking at a polarity, or an aspect of what is rooted, which is a reflection of what is occurring in our outer life with the Las Vegas condo.

The image of what we see out the picture window of the condo, in terms of all of the lights of the Strip in Las Vegas, is pulled together, consolidated, harmonized, and balanced out. As the image shows, it’s brought into a polarity that has something to do with holding a quality of rootedness, founded in something old and magnificent with both the naturalness of oak, and the hardness and beauty of ancient marble.

So, that is one aspect of the imagery, of having to see yourself, or something about yourself, in terms of holding a space that is one point of a polarity with something else. So, what does the other aspect look like?

In other words, you’re holding that as half of a component, as a grounded component that provides a base so that something meaningful can be instilled. So what does the other half look like?

Did you have another dream?

Jeane: No, I couldn’t pull it out.

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