Hitting Refresh

Jeane: I don’t remember much of this second dream. Like the first dream (see Relating to the Space), I’m absorbed with being in a space. What really struck me was the feeling of moving around in this space, which felt like a hotel in that it didn’t feel like home. I seem to be observing some of the things that I’m doing.

What I remember is that at one point I put a sprinkler on in the room. Then I go over to a desk and put a screen up to protect the papers from being hit by water, but the water is washing everything away. I don’t have the sense that it’s damaging the room, but I don’t want the papers to get wet.  

Then I notice, in another part of the room, there are some people. They’re strange looking, kind of roly-poly, and I think they’re wearing red – like circus people might. They’re lying down on a bed sleeping.  

I go over to get a peek at what they’re up to. That’s all I really remember of the dream. 

John: What you’re doing inside this space is refreshing it. You’re bringing about a natural change, and you’re safeguarding whatever it is you’re doing in the space from affecting other areas, or other things.

And the people? Basically, could you say that they didn’t fit or belong to whatever it was that you were sprinkling (refreshing)?

Jeane: Right. They were in another area.

John: So they would be like representations of something from the past.

Jeane: I think so.

John: What your dream is saying is that your attention only needs to be upon what’s changing from within – and that it’s perhaps different from what you expect.

I mean, you’re sprinkling it and revitalizing it, and you’re keeping it all within. You’re not pushing it in front of others or letting it get beyond a certain area.

Whatever needs to be done in terms of rejuvenating something… when you get a particular feeling, you just do it. You take care not to affect things that aren’t involved.

The first part of the dream diffused the intensity, because it wasn’t specific to anything. It had to more to do with recognizing and holding the space – a space that’s important. There were no details to that space.

That’s not how it ordinarily is in outer life. In the outer you would be all enmeshed with the variables and details of doing this, that, or the other. Your image doesn’t have any of that going on. Instead, the concern is what your relation to the space needs to feel like.

Once you figured that out, the dream imagery progresses to where you now can sprinkle the space and revitalize it. You’re careful, however, to keep it to yourself because those on the outside just won’t get it. The people seem to be odd-looking, and they’re asleep to your actions.

So, they’re on another wavelength. They’re just dense (roly-poly) and checked out (asleep) and they stay right where they are – that’s just the way it is.

Yesterday you were observing two spaces: one was the outer and one was the inner, and they both appeared to be pretty potent in their own way. Today you’ve made your differentiation. You’ve gone around and around until you found your space and now you’re nurturing it.

This is an interesting way of dreaming. Is it portraying what’s going to happen? The dream seems to be indicating that, without contradicting anything. When you dream like that it makes me wonder if you’re dreaming with a sense of guidance, or if your dream is using symbolism to reflect what’s already been decided?

Stated another way: Is this a confirmation from inside, in terms of what’s already been decided, or is this a reflection of something that’s a vibration in the air? It’s difficult to know which one is influencing the other.

Did it come through and reach conscious understanding in a rational sense? Or did it come to the understanding on its own and, as that understanding developed, it was reflected into the dream?

Or is the dream just reflecting the understanding that you now can clearly see in the outer, that you couldn’t see before?

Well, if you believe that inner expresses into the outer, and this is the new energy coming in, then you have to think that perhaps it took a little while – perhaps you needed to let go of a few things, or of some confusion, in the outer in terms of where you actually stood. And as you learned to drop those things that stood in the way, the result was something like this.

Relating to the Space

Jeane: When I woke up at about 3:30 in the morning, I had been dreaming some version of the dream I tried to pull out yesterday. The best way to describe it is it felt like I was in a round shopping mall. Basically I’m contemplating a large circular space that to me represents some room or place.

Except it’s not just one circular space – now I have two of them side by side. I’m going around one of them in a clockwise way, and then sometimes I go around counterclockwise. Then maybe I circle around in the second space.  

I’m contemplating something about these spaces, or trying to figure something out. One time, as I go around, I suddenly notice that one of the spaces has this little plastic holder. It’s like one you’d see at Best Buy when you’re looking at merchandise – it’s clear and holds a sheet of information about the product and the price. 

They have one of these holders in the space, so I reach in and pull out a piece of paper. I don’t know, but perhaps it has something to do with the furniture I can put there. I don’t know. 

I’m still not fully going into the space because I haven’t decided whether I’m supposed to go clockwise or counterclockwise. Because I’m uncertain, I keep trying to figure things out.

It feels like I was doing the same in a dream yesterday, but I’m not sure.

John: The interesting aspect to this imagery is that you’re not concerned about any specific detail. You’re much more focused on trying to find a type of balance within the space. You’re trying to find a way to be in the space.

So we see you trying to determine how to flow in this space – whether to go clockwise or counterclockwise. In other words, there might be an activity associated with these spaces, but that’s not what concerns you. Your attention is on a particular sensation in relation to the space you’re occupying.

You’re interested in how it feels to you; you just want it to feel right. You instinctively know that your relation to the space you are in is the most important factor. Next to that, the details and particulars are irrelevant.

That’s because the details and particulars are just the outer consequence of being there. If the inner is aligned with the space you’re in, then the outer consequences aren’t important. That’s being in the flow. That’s being connected to Creation.

Interesting dream!

Good Housekeeping

John: In this dream, I’m in an area that is going through some building renovations. The workers who are on the job seem to be doing it in great haste because they are leaving the walls all soapy and smeared.  

Feeling the job can’t be left in that condition, I go to the sink and rinse out the sponges that they bring back. The sponges are all full of soap from having been used to wipe down the walls, so I’m rinsing them out and handing them back to the workers.

There is a woman who has an apartment that’s being affected by this work, and she is patiently waiting. I know it would be nice if she could get in to her apartment. She has been wiping down another area, outside of this one, that apparently has been affected as well.

The key in this dream is that I need to stay focused on rinsing the sponges. There’s a lot of talk and activity going on, and it’s almost too much. In order to get the walls wiped down and keep them clean, I have to keep moving to get the sponges properly rinsed out and ready for the next section.

At the same time I haven’t yet figured out how to accommodate the woman’s need to rinse her sponge, as I’m busy doing that for everyone working in my area.

I think the meaning and significance of this dream is that it’s indicating that an issue has gotten too big. There’s a way of jumping so deeply into things in life that we can reach a point where we’re no longer able to take care of the clean up, or management, of it. When that happens, things begin to get chaotic and out of control.

This dream seems to indicate that that’s all there is to the problem – it’s something that can be cleaned up or put back in order with a little effort and attention. Currently, it’s being done hastily and left in a mess, but that can be overcome.

On a level closer to my waking life, I suppose this scenario could represent a project I have become involved with across the street, where there’s a proposal to put in a business that would involve venting the building and will involve disturbing others who are opposed to it.

This project will create issues that will require a certain cleaning up of the energetic, because it could violate the interests and expectations of others. The way the whole idea for this project was presented, it threw off the balance of things. In other words, it put suds in the works. What needs to happen is for everything to be kept in balance in terms of the appearance and needs of others.

This is a good example of how waking life can be reflected in our dream life, and the issues that confront us each day can be given a fuller picture, and lead us to greater clarity, in our efforts to navigate our life. If we listen to our inner guidance, many things will become clear.