Leap of Faith

John: The next dream is similar to the previous one, and it’s also a repeat dream, but this is the first time I’ve recognized that and been able to pull it out.

I’m with a group, walking along a mountainside trail. The valley floor is far below. I come to an open area where there is a straight drop to the valley floor.

To my surprise (which causes me to reflect back at having seen this happen before), a couple of young kids in the group just walk over to the ledge and jump off. When I look over the edge, and see the great height they have fallen, I’m impressed that they are completely okay when they land.

Personally, I don’t dare jump off myself, so I hold back. When I had looked over this edge a previous time, part of me felt I might do it, but I had a twinge of fear about not surviving the leap. And just that slight fear might have prevented me from being successful.

That quality of hesitancy, of fear, might just cause me to experience the worst-case scenario of what I imagine – that it’s a drop that goes on and on and I’d crash pretty hard. It’s far more than what I see my normal capabilities to be.

My attention shifts after I watch these boys jump off the edge without hesitation. It catches me by surprise. I look behind me and I see a young girl. She has her hair up in a bun and I can see she is contemplating this challenge: two people have done it, and now she has to confront her own fear if she wants to follow along.

I tell her she needs to let her hair down because, if she jumps, it’s not going to stay like that. I then say to her, “This is priceless.” Then I see myself going down to the canyon floor below to see how this all works out. I do not want to miss out on an appreciation of the full effect. 

What makes this so exciting is that this young lady is a combination of innocence, inner beauty, and bravado all rolled into one. All of these qualities are coming together, at the same time, in an effort to confront what most people would see as impossible.

So what is the meaning here? Both dreams (see the first dream, No Limitations) are about penetrating barriers that hold a person back from experiencing all that is possible – all that is available in a given moment.

In the first dream, the heart is measuring the situation. When the heart fails to follow what it feels, then the heart contracts. When it contracts, it’s felt as a constriction of its flow. That’s when we get out-of-sorts with ourselves. We can feel the change inside us.

In the second dream, the sensation is to let go – no matter what the height of the drop, or the level of the challenge – knowing always that one is going to be okay. Because I’ve seen others do it before me.

If I do not take on this challenge, then the heart will cringe. I will fall back, and miss an important step to my well-being. The height is really a measure of my personal fear about crossing a certain threshold. It can be seen that others don’t experience this fear in the same way.

In others words, the great height is a symptom of my irrationality toward letting go, or breaking through. Inside I know I can make it, but I’m still preventing myself from achieving what is possible.

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