Wings of Angels

Jeane: As this next dream begins, I’m traveling in a boat to a village. I’m looking down into the light green water; I can see very deeply down into the water. Way, way down I can see the remains of an old village.

The village I’m traveling to was built to replace the village under the water. As I look around I realize that the boat is crossing the caldera of a volcano, and the entire basin has been filled by water.

I can see now that the water just comes up to the crest of the caldera and it kind of gives me the creeps to see the old village, just exactly like the new village, but under water.

It’s strange to see. I don’t want to fall over the edge of the boat, into that water, because it’s just a little creepy to me.

When we get to the village, it again seems like we’re going to travel somewhere else. I’m with a young woman and other people. We’re again going somewhere where we’ll put on a costume, only this time the costumes consist of feathers and angel wings.

Even the people from the classroom (from an earlier dream, see The Masquerade) will be putting them on. The costumes all have pink feathers on the body, and then it’s just a question of whether one chooses wings that are made of pink feathers or blue feathers. It’s an odd shade of blue actually. It shimmers. 

We’re excited, and it seems to me that there’s a short break and this young woman is going to guide me to where the ceremony is taking place. The ceremony is one of appreciation or gratitude of some kind for the angels.

On the way, the woman takes me through a building that is almost like a castle. Down a corridor I see some kneeling figures of pink with blue wings that almost feel like they’re angels, and I can see costumes that we will be wearing to the right.

The woman guides me further along a corridor – she has me being very quiet – and there I see a group of Blackfoot Indians performing.

I’m not sure how I know which specific tribe it is, but I just do. They’re dressed in ordinary clothing, but they’re also doing a ceremony of gratitude. They’re coming forward down the hall and the chief has a bundle of eagle feathers in his hand, bound to something (I’ve seen that before in real life).

He’s lifting his feet like he’s dancing, and some of the tribal members are dancing around him, and this is the way that they give thanks. The way we will give thanks involves our putting on the angel wing costumes.

But this woman, in secret and quiet, just wanted me to see the Blackfoot ceremony before we went on to our ceremony.

That’s when I woke up. It was very touching.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at the deeper meaning of this interesting dream imagery.

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