Good Housekeeping

John: In this dream, I’m in an area that is going through some building renovations. The workers who are on the job seem to be doing it in great haste because they are leaving the walls all soapy and smeared.  

Feeling the job can’t be left in that condition, I go to the sink and rinse out the sponges that they bring back. The sponges are all full of soap from having been used to wipe down the walls, so I’m rinsing them out and handing them back to the workers.

There is a woman who has an apartment that’s being affected by this work, and she is patiently waiting. I know it would be nice if she could get in to her apartment. She has been wiping down another area, outside of this one, that apparently has been affected as well.

The key in this dream is that I need to stay focused on rinsing the sponges. There’s a lot of talk and activity going on, and it’s almost too much. In order to get the walls wiped down and keep them clean, I have to keep moving to get the sponges properly rinsed out and ready for the next section.

At the same time I haven’t yet figured out how to accommodate the woman’s need to rinse her sponge, as I’m busy doing that for everyone working in my area.

I think the meaning and significance of this dream is that it’s indicating that an issue has gotten too big. There’s a way of jumping so deeply into things in life that we can reach a point where we’re no longer able to take care of the clean up, or management, of it. When that happens, things begin to get chaotic and out of control.

This dream seems to indicate that that’s all there is to the problem – it’s something that can be cleaned up or put back in order with a little effort and attention. Currently, it’s being done hastily and left in a mess, but that can be overcome.

On a level closer to my waking life, I suppose this scenario could represent a project I have become involved with across the street, where there’s a proposal to put in a business that would involve venting the building and will involve disturbing others who are opposed to it.

This project will create issues that will require a certain cleaning up of the energetic, because it could violate the interests and expectations of others. The way the whole idea for this project was presented, it threw off the balance of things. In other words, it put suds in the works. What needs to happen is for everything to be kept in balance in terms of the appearance and needs of others.

This is a good example of how waking life can be reflected in our dream life, and the issues that confront us each day can be given a fuller picture, and lead us to greater clarity, in our efforts to navigate our life. If we listen to our inner guidance, many things will become clear.

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