Calm in the Chaos

John: I thought to continue with your intriguing dream from yesterday (see The Shift).

On a dream level, you see all this chaos going on around you. But, on a feeling level, you’re okay with it. That’s important to recognize. You’re just making note of everything.

You’ve kept this chaos at a certain distance (the house was given to “me” and the chaos is from “my family”), because part of you isn’t fully admitting that it’s you: you’ve pushed it off so it’s one step removed.

So this extended family shows up and it represents a type of access that comes from many sources. None of it is making much sense to you, but that’s okay. You somehow go along with everything in its state of disarray. What this is depicting is an “other side” state of being, where you aren’t relating in the conventional, purely physical, human being way of doing things. You’ve opened up something greater.

So you can’t relate to it in the old way anymore, and you have to be comfortable with that. New access is coming in and you need to be comfortable in the uncomfortability. And, ultimately it becomes funny, in a humorous way, which is only possible because you feel okay with it – the chaos isn’t stressing you out.

Not feeling stressed out tells you that there’s another part in you that knows something. This part is aware that something has been given, although you don’t quite acknowledge that it’s passing through you. You’re aware of the person who gives it – your mother’s mother – but you don’t see it as being given directly to you.

That separation is what causes the chaos to erupt. You see it as being given to something that’s separate from you, and so rather than being completely integrated, it becomes a seed coming through that you have to come to terms with. Part of the journey of a spiritual practice is to get to a point where something can open up inside you and you can be used by the universe in some fashion. In your way of opening up, it’s easier for you if it’s given to someone else; that makes it more palatable.

In fact, it’s not just palatable, it’s acceptable. If it were given to you more directly, it might have caused even greater chaos. What’s amazing about this dream is that no matter how much chaos is happening, you’re okay with it all. From the standpoint of average human rationality, you would probably have issues and feel stressed, but you don’t.

Your container presence (feminine) is important in helping what’s meant to unfold. You are able to hold the whole scenario and discern what’s important and what isn’t. You know when to put out a fire, and when to accept a fire. You have a sense, or a feeling in your bones, about it and it has come from the preparation in the first shift, where you were given your mother’s house. That has prepared you for handling this greater unfolding.

In other words, you know how to laugh at it and how to help it all come together. So, as bizarre as your dream might sound, it’s really not bizarre at all.

The Shift

Jeane: In this next dream my folks are downsizing and they’re giving me their house. There is also a family house in a small town 10 miles away, above the lake shore, which belonged to my maternal grandmother, and they’re going to give that house to you.

My grandmother’s house is small and older. We go there and, while we’re there, we become aware that your family is coming to town to visit. We decide that they should visit us there because it’s now your house.

When your family travels, they always come in a huge group: siblings and kids and cousins and aunts (some crazy) and grandparents. There must be over 30 people. It’s a pretty small house, a bit rickety, and in the dream it has two levels.

Of course, your family fills up every room in the house. And you’re in such a hurry to get things ready that you practically set the house on fire. You’re lighting some things and I have to admonish you and then follow behind and blow out the things that aren’t supposed to burn.  

It seems like I can hardly ever be in the same room with you because people will grab one or the other of us for a conversation. I’m moving around and you’re moving around and they’re all moving around. They always travel in a huge group and I find it overwhelming. 

I can’t keep any of them straight. We barely learn any names or start a conversation and it feels like the people shift and you’re talking to someone else and they’re all moving around again. Then when they’re ready to leave they start tidying up after themselves, but the way they tidy up the house is they take all the chairs and the furniture and stack it some place where the room is empty and the linoleum is coming up.

I suddenly find this terribly humorous. I wonder how we’re even going to find out where the furniture is. Then I find myself telling them that when they’re ready for breakfast the next day they should come over to my house (laughing).

John: That’s one unique dream.

Okay, so there are two shifts involved here. The first shift takes you to a level that prepares you for access to all kinds of things that are meant to come through. With the second shift, you actually have access to what is meant to come through.

The first shift is preparatory. If I were to equate it to the way some people look at the spiritual path, they say that first you are taken to a teacher who helps you progress to a certain point. Then the teacher passes you, in a sense, on to an ancient inner lineage that then comes into and through you. It has access through you, in some capacity.

You made the first adjustment with the first house that you are given. The next shift is shown with the second house being given to me. So you have brought in the masculine (represented by me) and are trying to take it to a greater depth, but you see everything that is trying to capture your attention at this depth, i.e., the entire family that comes with it.

Your attention is then upon the question of how to deal with all of that because it’s almost overwhelming. However, you know it’s something you have to listen to and adhere to. In this house is a huge shift and everything is more intangible – it’s more intangible because things are not quite as they would normally be: the linoleum’s coming up, the chairs are packed in some chaotic way, there’s clamoring going on.

You just don’t know what to expect next, yet somehow or other you have to absorb it all. Doing that provides the shift, or movement. In other words, it’s really enough to have gone to the house of your mother, but then the masculine part of you comes alive. That causes you to go farther – to the house of your mother’s mother, where it takes on recognition of the seed of something more, that you don’t yet know how to relate to (the big family).

So you treat it all as something foreign to you. And even though it’s foreign to you, you have to listen to it and adhere to it. You have to abide by all the clamor of the relatives – or all the access things that seem to come through. In this regard, it’s this part of you that you have to pay attention to, because it’s what keeps the house in a state of total disarray.

Nevertheless, that’s the way it is and it’s okay, and there’s even something funny about it being up in the air and chaotic. That’s the new zone. That is somehow, as peculiar as it seems, what you’re comfortable taking on. That’s what you’re meant to take on and that’s okay with you, even though it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Being a Spiritual Being

John: In this dream, I receive a call from a realtor who says that I’m not tending to things properly. I’m not sure what she’s talking about – I can’t place the scenario in my mind. 

She tells me that the way I’m handling a piece of land makes no sense to her. She feels that “nobody does this,” and I shouldn’t be an exception. I ask her what she means. She says that this property has a person living on it, and I didn’t give that person permission to do so. The person’s name is Pilate, and he just decided for himself.

She’s assuming that I know all about this and that I should be responsible and do something about it. She feels I’m letting him superimpose himself on the space. There’s no contract or agreement, he has just moved onto the property and is acting as if he has a right to do that. She feels that I should put a stop to it.

It makes no sense to her that I’m not more attentive and responsible towards this issue. 

Well, this dream underlies what I’m feeling, which is a sense that my attention is being shifted to a different perspective on life. As in my last dream (see Hitting the Linkage), where my view encompassed the whole world and my responsibility toward God and Creation, here that’s being challenged because I’m being confronted by responsibilities of a mundane variety. The realtor feels I’m not “doing my job,” in terms of the outer world, whereas I’ve just been asked to do my job as part of the universal.

As a human, can we fulfill both responsibilities – our day to day cultural life and our spiritual journey? Of course we can. And it’s never been more critical that we do so in within the culture. Going up on a mountaintop for a spiritual life is no longer the way. Our spirituality needs to be held within in us everything we do – shopping, working, etc. We need to make it our first priority and responsibility, and live our life through the lens of that choice.

What this dream is showing me is the lure of lesser responsibilities, in the sense that they can create noise in us that can make us forget our spiritual journey until the “problem” is resolved. But that’s not the way it should work. What is spiritual in us should also guide us in making our decisions every day. The realtor is in a frenzy over this problem, yet because I have a more universal perspective, I don’t see it in the same way. It’s less personal to me, and I can understand that it means very little in the scheme of things.

Such a perspective actually makes me very capable of dealing with the issue, because I’m not coming from an emotional place. It’s a matter of priorities.

In a sense, we don’t become spiritual through studies or knowledge, but by acting in a spiritual way – in everything. We are all spiritual beings, but we mostly act like planetary beings. It’s an easy trap to fall into because very little in our culture supports a spiritual life.

Yet just as there is God in everything, there is our connection to God (or Creation or the universe), or lack of it,  in everything we think about and every action we make. Keeping ourselves connected is our first responsibility as human beings.