The Way of It

John: I dreamed that I am at ease in a place that functions as a base for my wellbeing. It feels comfortable, like something from long ago. It touches something old in my nature; it soothes me in some fashion.

This place happens to come with a parking garage. I hadn’t thought about the parking garage, because I’m so comfortable. And because I feel all my basic needs are taken care of, I’m free to take on greater responsibility.

In the overall scheme of things, the bit that I take on isn’t much because it’s merely a part in a much greater overall flow that involves a lot of other people. The part that I’m involved in seems like a blip on the radar screen in terms of the detail. It’s hardly worth mentioning. 

So, I have a personal base that I can fall back on, yet I’m part of a much larger group where everyone has a role to play. We seem to all gather in the morning, and then we each go our separate ways. 

Everything simply unfolds as it needs to unfold, without fanfare or drama. In fact, I’m amazed that nothing in particular stands out. It is just a natural flow.

This imagery shows what it truly means to hold a space. The place of ease I find myself in is a centered, inner quality that I can maintain. It’s the comfort zone I can take with me anywhere (we all can). And being able to hold that inner space, of ease and quiet, opens me to be a participant in the greater dynamic of life that’s constantly unfolding.

So what I did had virtually no personal significance to me, but it was a component of so much more. Every aspect simply comes together as part of a bigger picture.

Of course I could easily have been carried away (indulged my ego) about some minor aspect, such as when something in life has all our focus and attention. But I didn’t. I just recognized the ease available to me without getting carried away in some side event. The people in the imagery come and go without fanfare, doing what they are there to do.

It’s about recognizing and flowing with the new flow that’s coming in. Ordinarily our dreaming is such that whatever is going on during the day spills over into the night – like if you watched a movie and carried some aspect of that into your dream world.

But in this particular instance, what’s happening is that whatever is being held onto, with a conviction about something, becomes a base inside us. That base then becomes something to explore and expand in terms of what it is and how we might be an expression of it. From that we can spring forth and reflect, from the inner into the outer, something in terms of the bigger picture, which then absorbs into the group energy of the new that’s coming in.

In the dream, there’s not a lot of fanfare. It gets done and then by midmorning everybody’s back to the way they are and that’s how life goes. At night it comes together and unfolds something new. During the daytime you fall back to whatever echo of that, reflection of that, you’re able to sustain. That’s just how it is – it’s the nature of being in a human body.

So we can see that what comes from the inner depths of ourselves – from our base – can be merged together with the flow from the bases of everyone else, and that all becomes part of the new flow that’s coming in.

Your last two dreams describe a similar process (see here and here). First, you had to find the space. Then you figured out what to do in that space so that it operated on its level – according to what it required.

In other words, you didn’t invent resistance or barriers that were unnecessary. You just occupied that space and you refreshed that space. You brought forth what needed to be brought forth, within that space.

And, from that space looking out to the outer, you realized that what existed out there (the other people) was checked out, asleep, indifferent. It didn’t comply with this new space that you were refreshing from within. That’s just the way it is.

It’s almost like what is taking place is something corrective. It’s not about coming together with committees, or coming together and trying to create cohesion in relationship to the collective – as if it’s all going to blossom together. It’s not.

Something is going to emerge, and it’s not necessarily going to emerge for everyone. In your dream, that which was asleep was left alone. It had done its thing, whatever it felt it needed to do, and because it was asleep it wasn’t too effective at doing much of anything.

That’s just the way it is.

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