Being Fluid

Jeane: I just have just two impressions from my dreams last night, even though I dreamed a lot.

In one, I was talking with someone about people who were speaking Russian. That’s all I remember, I was just discussing that they were speaking Russian.

In the second, I’m speaking with a man and what I’m really noticing about him is that he has this space that he moves around in. It’s a fairly large square space, with multiple dimensions. I’m with him and I move around in that space – I’m even comfortable in it – but I want to expand it. 

I want to go out into the rest of the space, too. That’s the best impression I can give you.

John: Yes, the dreaming had to do with looking at the spatial area that we’re meant to exist in, or reside in, as a presence.

Ordinarily we (and people in general) don’t view ourselves as fundamentally an energetic occupying a space. Yet when we drop our projections and our identities, that’s all we really are. This imagery is showing that, to a degree, you are holding, or residing with, a certain presence or way of being in terms of the whole (there will always be some part of us that is not completely part of the whole and needs to be sorted out).

If we can get rid of our identities, then we will find ourselves being more natural in an overall space. So, to begin, you saw yourself in a space where you couldn’t understand the language – you weren’t fitting in. Then, in the next space, you discovered that you had more freedom than you thought you had.

So in the dreams you’re trying to establish and recognize how you’re truly meant to be, once you’ve taken all of your personal barriers out of the way. To whatever degree you’re able to let go of, or release, those patterns and biases and definitions of yourself, that’s the degree to which you’ll be able to more deeply relate to an overall space, i.e., creation.

So you’re starting to go into the overall, as opposed to seeing yourself as separate and unique, and grasping onto all your idiosyncrasies that make up your “personality,” which are, ultimately veils and limitations we place on ourselves. So you’re starting to see, and experience, yourself as part of the whole.

My dream touched on similar ideas of relating to a space.

I’m looking at a commercial property. The first thing I see is that when the carpet is removed, the floor beneath it is irregular and poorly built. Still, the floor can serve its useful purpose, as long as it’s properly covered.

A business partner is with me, and he is telling me that it’s not a big deal and that the place will be fine. The floor is irrelevant.

The next thing I’m considering is the flow of air and sound through the space. I’m under the assumption that the space just somehow or another absorbs the air movement, or the heat and the venting.

I find out that there’s a natural vent built in; that’s a relief. But is that the kind of relief I want? With a vent and whatnot constructed there it could relieve the pressure of having to absorb it. Without an installed venting mechanism it may create pressure that could lead to a type of sweating (I begin to physically sweat as I make this discovery).

All of a sudden I notice that I can actually perceive the action of the natural venting, and it’s a huge relief and shows me that the place is more fluid.

This dream is reflecting the idea that even though this space has its defects, it’s perfectly useful anyway. When we look beneath the surface of things, it’s supposed to be just fine. When we feel it’s not, that requires something extra from us – we have to absorb or accommodate what is lacking.

Yet in this instance, even though the floor has issues, it’s not an issue in the overall. So there’s a more natural flow to it, in relationship between the inner and the outer, than I had expected. That means that I don’t have to absorb as much as I thought I’d have to absorb, which means that on an inner energetic level, I’m able to accommodate or adapt.

That may exert a certain amount of physical pressure upon me. However, I discover that the place already has a built-in venting system to address the problem. In other words, it has a flow that is able to manifest from its innerness into its outerness in a way that I hadn’t imagined possible.

At first I thought I would have to absorb the consequences of the problem floor, and the venting issues. But I discover that I’m able to relate to life in such a way, that these issues become fluid.  So the underlying meaning of this is, that when I put my own expectations upon a situation, it limits the possibility of being in the flow.

When I don’t take the issues so personally – seeing them as “my problems” – I’m more open to the ability of the space to accommodate what needs to be accommodated, and I can just be in it. It’s a dream about holding a space within.

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