A Catch-22

John: Let’s see if I can just tell this dream because it seems complicated.

I’m in an environment, or space, and it feels like I’m in some sort of delirium or fog. My perception is that the space is restricted from a certain flow, yet at the same time I’m presented with some venting system that seems to create its own current or flow.

This venting system utilizes a partial opening that has three release points to it, or three avenues of flow. I don’t see how it can work because it seems like the atmosphere is too stagnant.

I can’t seem to get anywhere with the dream. I sit and go round and round trying to figure out the mechanism, but I don’t have any logic to justify it. I sit in a state of bewilderment; I can’t get it to make sense.

Recently I’ve been getting a certain sense of what’s intended, or what’s meant to be, in terms of the overall. I’ve been feeling that something should emerge, or is ready to emerge, because I have the feeling that things are okay, even though I don’t know why they feel okay.

But this dream portrays the opposite. This dream finds me caught up in a situation that seems to be incomplete (not okay) in its connection to the flow. In this, I’m unable to understand how it works; I have no frame of reference to indicate that what’s being presented to me (the venting system) is even possible.

This puts me in a Catch-22 situation: I can’t make a breakthrough, or allow something new to emerge, because I can’t “see” how the solution that’s offered can work. In a sense, because I can’t imagine it, I can’t progress any further. So I’m stuck, in what seems an unworkable situation, even though the imagery is telling me that the venting system will do the job (whether it fits my logic or not).

Something is trying to emerge, and I’m not able to let it fully come through. It seems incomplete, so I’m obviously missing something in relationship to it because it intends on going forward anyway. I don’t seem to have the cognition or the tools to support that. Some part of me is feeling incomplete.

Well, this imagery makes an interesting analogy with how new products emerge into our lives. For example, when cell telephones were first invented, they were something that worked conceptually, but there were incomplete aspects to the technology. They didn’t jump straightaway into the culture, they were developed in a lab and for military uses.

At the time, certain processing technology needed to catch up to the format to make it universal. The people who believed it could work, in theory, went ahead feeling sure that whatever was needed would get figured out eventually.

So sometimes it requires foresight (and faith) to enable something new to emerge. That’s what this dream is like: I find myself in a situation in which I’m preventing something new from emerging because I don’t have the foresight or the faith that it will work. It’s very limiting to put a stop to things we don’t understand.

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