Realizing the Potential

Jeane: I had a long dream that was very detailed and had dialogue, but this is all I was able to pull out.

I’m in our space in Las Vegas (at least that’s my impression), except it seems larger. It has large windows with the light coming in. I’m pulling energy down and through that space and it’s going out into an adjoining space.

As I pull the energy through, it seems like it’s mostly in the colors of black and gold. I’m shaping it into little crescent-shaped boats. Then, one or two people can get into the boats and sail them on a narrow little river that seems to run through the (outer) space.

I seem to be talking with people about how they can shape their own boats. However, I realize that what we’re doing with the energy (as I return to the inner space of the apartment) is somewhat more than what’s being done with the boats. But I’m trying to facilitate that, too.

Simultaneously I have the impression that I’m pulling something down and curving it into a shape, while another part of me is also going perpendicular to it, and going out into a greater space, where I can’t really grasp yet what I’m drawn there to do.

John: It’s a similar conundrum to my dream (see A Catch-22), in that you have a sense of something that you’re trying to facilitate that involves this space, but what’s different about it is that you also have the sense that you’re supporting it in some fashion.

What’s important to realize is that support also comes from aspects that are in the space already – that are natural to that space. Because whatever it is that you are attempting to do, you somehow believe that it works or makes sense in relationship to the space that you’re in.

In other words, you’re trying to bring something through and that something is part of a latent intent already within that space. So in a roundabout way, you’re not in opposition to the atmosphere you find yourself in, you’re in harmony with it.

The idea is to figure out how we’re supposed to be in a (any) space, and how our presence can enhance the space and make more possible in terms of its evolution. That is part of the work of human beings.

In other words, we’re not meant to go into a space and change it to something different than it is. That’s just as true energetically as it is physically. If we look at this planet, we can see than man has imposed himself on the earth, rather than living in harmony with it.

Yet every space, or the space of every moment, is filled with energetic potential, and humans are designed to bring that potential through – to help it become realized.

It’s in that way that humans can become realized themselves. Anything else can be seen as a violation of the space. Of course it doesn’t mean we can’t change anything, it just requires sensitivity to what is already at play within a given space (physical or energetic), and then working with that.

So, this dream shows that you’re taking the space that’s presented to you, which has a certain quality to it already, and you’re working with that space in a way that supports what that space would like itself to be. Perhaps it’s lacking something or it needs more support or help in order for it to become something more. Because you are connected to it, you can become the agent for its evolution.

So you become a facilitator, and you’re doing it energetically and vibrationally. You’re not doing anything that contradicts the atmosphere that already exists. That’s only possible when you don’t add what is personal from you into the energy of the space. You are a conduit, only responding to the energetic needs of the space – without personal biases, patterns, judgments, or expectations.

This describes a state of openness and acceptance for the “way things are.” From that point forward you can become an agent of enhancement, helping the space itself to become more potent.

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