Honoring the Space

John: Over the last two posts we’ve been discussing how both of our recent dreams have portrayed spaces we’ve found ourselves in, and our different feelings about them, or relationship to them (see A Catch-22 and Realizing the Potential).

It’s interesting to consider these dreams as reflections of our move here to Las Vegas and our search for an apartment. Because it’s a huge change for us to come here in terms of environment – from trees to desert and from country to city, and such a unique city at that!

If we look at your dream from yesterday in terms of Las Vegas, it can be seen that your relationship to the space and the energy is something that others can share and partake in (the people travel on the “energy” boats).

One of the things this says is, that your experience here isn’t about finding your own, personal relationship with this city, which is what people commonly do when they move to a new place. Instead you are responding to the energy of the place itself, and you are recognizing it as being important.

Your response, in recognizing that importance, is to add to it, or assist in bringing it out. You’re actions enhance and support the energy. What you’re doing to augment or bring it out is in accordance with what the energy naturally supports.

In other words, you’re not doing anything that’s contradictory. I guess I also have that sense about Las Vegas. It’s a place that has tremendous light and energy and, whether it’s distorted or not, it’s still a light that’s attempting to express itself in some fashion. So what you are doing is an aspect of what is natural, i.e., you’re trying to support that light in being more of what it wants to be.

The energy of Vegas has little magic tricks that defy the senses, that help to sustain, and that are fascinating and a magnet to people, and a force of change in the world. I think you and I sense that and actually want to support that. We can absorb certain things that might even be a little haywire while still supporting the way that the energy would like to touch and have an effect.

So we want to help facilitate the energy, or perhaps what we do is we sit in the space (rather than reject it), which is, in a sense, honoring it, which then allows it to come across through us.

In your particular case you’re dreaming about being supported by the atmosphere – it’s something you feel in your bones. In other words, it’s all there and you just need to facilitate it. That is very much a feminine perspective.

I’m dreaming on a more factual level, which is a masculine view. I can’t see how this venting system in the space is going to work, and my masculine nature of trying to understand it ends up with me just sitting and staring at it. I have a sense that something is needed, but I also carry in my nature an inability to see how it’s going to come across.

I interpret certain aspects as not making sense – they seem incomplete. Yet I know that something is still trying to come through – I’m sitting struggling with that. That’s the detail part of me. That’s the masculine identity side that’s struggling.

Meanwhile your feminine is resonating with the space, and what you experience supports everything about you, and you support everything about it. There isn’t any opposition. It just needs to emerge and somehow or another your presence helps that to happen. The strongest sense from your dream is its cohesion; it’s all part of a whole.

In other words, most people would take this situation – the atmosphere of Vegas, and the space we’re trying to move into or see ourselves projected towards – and would sit there and would say, “This is what’s wrong here, and this and that need to be fixed. It has good bones, but…”

But your dream is saying that everything that that space wants, you want, and therefore whatever you do is supported. Well, my dream is saying that my idea of how this needs to work requires even more light, it requires something that penetrates with more air ventilation or more motion. The atmosphere of my space is too stale, and therefore the three areas in which something is trying to evolve are incomplete.

I can’t progress it forward because I can’t figure out how to build it up into something more, which I know is necessary because my overall sense is that things are too dense. So I’m dealing with the particularities, and you’re dealing with a space that you know is okay in and of itself. You have the support of everything in that space, and I’m not so sure in mine.

So what is coming through is that the space in Vegas is what is meant to be. It serves a useful purpose. It’s complete in and of itself. It just needs honor and support from us, and it will give its support.

What you want for it, it wants for itself, which is amazing. I’m caught up in the details, but you’re not distracted. The complete state of things is there for you, without you having to know the logic.

So that’s an amazing contrast in dreams. In my dream, I would say I was perturbed because I didn’t know where things were heading, and I have a need to know that. And for you, in your dream, you just knew that everything was copacetic.

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