Rooted in Life

John: I dreamed I’m in the log house where I grew up. I’m 17 or 18 years old and I need to catch the bus for school. There’s been a heavy snowfall, so I need to catch the late bus.

The late bus will just get me to school in time. I’ve been outside already and I can see the trail that I’ve cut in the snow. Yet when I turn around to walk back out, the trail has disappeared.

It’s still dark, so I have to move by feel. I have the feeling that I’m trying to maintain a sense of how to conduct myself in terms of an inflection that’s trying to come through.

I know that when the bus comes it will slip over the hill suddenly, so I make a few attempts to try to get out to the bus stop. My brother and sister don’t seem to be focused on this, and I’m having trouble each time I make an attempt. 

I’m also having trouble finding my books and my jacket. As soon as I wonder, “Where’s my jacket?” and “Where’s my book?” I just go into a standstill.

All of a sudden I hear a loud sound and I realize it’s the bus. It’s stopped and the driver is leaning on the horn. I look and don’t see my jacket. I realize I’ve got nobody to blame but myself. There’s the bus and I’ve got to catch it.

I go charging out without my jacket or books and wave at the driver to show I’m coming. But the bus driver sees that I have no jacket or books and assumes I must be waving him on. He just drives away.

The meaning I draw from this imagery is that I know what’s necessary and I must trust it and conduct myself accordingly. That’s how things are meant to be, and I don’t have the luxury of procrastinating. There’s something that I can feel that’s building and rising. I have a sense that it’s important, but I have to act on it.

This dream actually built toward the next dream:

This time I’m trying to find a way to ground myself. I’m sleeping without dreaming, and I’m feeling content but not necessarily grounded. It’s as if I’m not able to be solid enough or energetically connected to life

Then something occurs. I don’t know what it is that I’m seeking, but I notice that what seems to be soothing me (even though it might not make sense outwardly) is a type of kundalini energy. This gets me rooted in some way to a note in life. 

This energy causes me to sweat. However, it’s like a note that pulls things together. I even name it as an energy that I’m “taking home.” I’m finding my rootedness in life through this vibration.

I fell asleep with the light on, but it doesn’t disturb me. Somehow the light becomes symbolic of this energy that I’m pulling through and trying to embrace. It’s this note, or vibration, that has created the linkage. I’m trying to pull something through and I’m feeling content with it.

At some point you come over and turn off the light. That just brings more attention to the vibratory, kundalini linkage thats taking place. I’m sweating only because I’m creating this linkage. 

There’s no doubt that in my sleep state I’m making this vibratory linkage. In other words, it’s a shift from how I usually tend to carry myself. And I seem to be burning into my sense of knowing this energetic space. On doing that (bringing this space in), I’m able to settle back and not sweat so profusely because the energy had linked up and come through.

It didn’t matter that you turned the bedside lamp out. That was just a symbol, another beacon to help me remember all that I was going through to try and make this one particular thing take place.

There’s something about this. There’s actually such a rootedness in this sort of thing that it’s hard for me to write it when I wake up. I get to see myself connected to this vibration and to come out of it is almost to let go of the linkage, the twining.

So I feel that I’m connecting to a note in creation that links me to how I’m to be in the outer as an intertwined connection. This is something I feel as real. The thoughts that usually veil that linkage are falling away. Those mannerisms are a dead energy of no significance.

When the intertwined linkage occurs, everything feels more natural. When it carries this sense of naturalness, that’s when the kundalini heat and sweaty conditions subside.

In other words, when it’s coming in I have to adjust to the linkage and that causes me to burn it in. That can subside once the energy that needs to come through has arrived.

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