Separation Anxiety

Jeane: This dream starts out with two girls of high school age. They’re sleeping outside in a flowering apple orchard. I sense that one girl’s mother won’t allow her to come back home. However, her dad joins them in the orchard for the night and they realize he’s not happy with his wife either. He may even tell her he wants a divorce.

After spending the night in the orchard, they’re going to get some food, but they get confused. They must have gotten separated, because they need to meet up and they’re wondering where to go.

The girl and her father head toward the restaurant near the edge of the orchard, and the other girl looks for them, but she wants to go to a vegetarian restaurant. They all get confused about how to reconnect and they lose sight of one other.

Next the dad goes home and he tells his wife that he wants a divorce. She had no idea he was unhappy because she’s rather controlling and likes everything just like it is. She’s in shock about all this.

When he goes to work his partner approaches him and tells him that he can’t get a divorce because they would lose too much business. People would be unhappy about it.

Then there’s a middle part of the dream where the girl is by herself, again in the orchard, trying to travel some distance. There’s been a natural disaster and they’re trying to get everyone to climb up a ladder that goes up a hillside.

The girl finds a little boy who’s crying and has been separated from his family. She takes him by the hand. She starts up the ladder and pauses to help the little boy up. She’s trying to keep him moving because you never know if another disaster might happen. 

Next, the people who have climbed up the ladder go to a common area where they can get food. Initially the girl is in a room where other people are eating. She walks over to a table that has a slab of bacon on it that doesn’t look cooked, even though it is. She takes a small bite, but then moves down the hall to where they’re making and distributing the food.

Then she shifts slightly and I see her observing everything. She’s older now and she’s walking into a space wearing only a black leotard. Most people walk in dressed with their power. She’s walking into this space wearing just her black leotard, but I have the sense that she’s going to gradually put her power back on. 

That’s the whole dream.

John: The first part of this dream describes a general disconnection between different levels in you. You don’t know exactly what, you just know that something is disconnected.

The second part of the dream has to do with steps that you take to counter that. Some part of you is aware that there’s this imbalance, so you take steps to remedy that.

The dilemma is that in the first part of the dream what you are seeing is incomplete, so it’s like you’re only getting general information rather than specifics that you need to deal with.

In the second part of the dream you’re making your best effort in terms of coming up with possible solutions, but you’re not really finding the answer.

We’ll get deeper into this dream analysis in our next post.

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