Inside Out

Jeane: I had really bizarre dreams last night, but I just remember fragments.

In one fragment I’m going to the funeral of a cousin’s father. I’d visited him the day before he died. After the funeral I’m at my grandmother’s house where people are serving drinks and food.

I help serve drinks and then I find my cousin. I sit down a bit below her – she is sitting on some steps and I sit on the ground and tell her about the talk I had with her dad.

Then I have a dream where I’m in a house but there’s no furniture there. A man comes over that I seem to know. Then someone from his job comes in the back door and they’re rough and aggressive. I have to poke him, or even lightly stab him, with something, which makes him shrink. 

Then I sit on him. I call for help first but I shrink him and put him in a baggy until help arrives. I give them the baggy with the little guy in it and then I go visit a female friend from New York or my friend who lives in the mountains. I’m not sure. 

I go up some stairs and go into their house and somebody comes over who is a counselor. I think that we’re going to talk, but then I tell them that I think this should be a dual session and maybe we should start with the stabbing, or they should start with the assault or the shooting. That’s when I wake up.

John: With this fragment, you jump into the second half of the story. The first half of the dream would have directed you how the flow goes from the inner to the outer. Instead, what you have here is something that you relate to, but that isn’t visible.

In other words, you are noticing something that you don’t have a tangible reference to – it’s like it changed or is dead or gone. You maintain a separation from it, even though the day before it may have had its influence on you. This is shown in the conversation (the previous day) with the dad who has died.

This is showing your separateness from it – it may have been influential, but now it has fallen away (died). It doesn’t maintain its hold on you so you have moved on to a different space or state.

But you are shown that you yield to these different states, meaning you are with them while they are present. What you’re not shown visibly is that these states are an innerness coming into the outer.

This is a peculiar way of getting to recognize that what’s important has to do with the flow. If you look at the nature of what occurred the previous day, it may have been important then, but it’s no longer something you can relate to – the flow has moved on.

What kind of relation was it? The flow has a characteristic to it, whereby you can tell that it’s moving from the inner to the outer because of your ability to relate to it. That’s not the case when it moves from the outer to the inner. Relating to it means you can accept and go along with it even though you may not understand it.

Therefore, because it isn’t something you personally identify with, the next day you get the sense that it’s not around, it doesn’t exist, it no longer has a presence. Yet it was at one time intertwiningly important.

We live in a world in which there’s always going to be a flow. We have to adhere to whatever that flow is – in some fashion. We have to adhere to a flow, but only to a flow that comes from inner into outer, not a flow that comes from outer into inner.

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