The Divine Plan

John: My dream, like yours, had to do with flow (see Inside Out).

The way it was portrayed to me was that it was a flow from right to left, which is a direction from inner to outer (there are flows that go from left to right that have an outer to inner sense to them).

And even though I may not understand the flow, I need to be paying attention to it when it moves from right to left in a dream. Paying attention involves the listening center that is a part of our inner nature.

Again, it’s not about fully understanding it, but when I keep my attention on it I’m actually honoring and respecting that space, knowing that it is what’s real. That’s where the Will of God comes from.

When I follow that, it’s out of my hands, so to speak. I have to be involved in the flow in the outer (daily life), and I have to have the discernment to know what’s an inner flow (universal) and what’s an outer flow.

So to begin with, I’m shown something very bluntly. I’m shown that there is a flow that everyone else is dealing with, and it’s moving from left to right. I realize that if I’m going to be involved in a flow, I need to throw myself completely into it, even though it may run counter to my mental reasoning.

I find myself trying to sort it out: “How do I know the distinction of right to left or left to right?” This is a fine line. Inner to outer runs from the universal into life (right to left). Outer to inner has its basis in the personal first.

This is a bit like having to understand the difference between need and desire. A need is something that’s important to all of life (that flows from inner into outer) and even though you don’t understand it and it could appear to be something silly when adhering to it, it has the support of following the guidance from within. There isn’t any karma attached to this decision, because it isn’t being made in a personal way.

Then the dream had a component like you had in your dream. It’s very subtle, but this component is one that helps make the distinction, in that the quality of what unfolds from inner to outer has a closeness to it – it’s something that can be felt as a connection.

This closeness can also be experienced in terms of something that’s revealed – like a sign of a process or change. It’s something to acknowledge, to honor, to give recognition.

However, you no more than touch it before you become separate again. You use the distinction of shifting to the separateness to create the grounding, or the recognition. In this way the flow is left free again, yet the inflection has come through as awareness. So it touches you and then separates.

That’s how the inner into the outer works. That’s how you note the flow. It’s not strictly about the direction right to left.

In this process, you’re following the divine plan, in which man wants union and the Creator wants separation. What that means is that in the context of the unfolding Will of God, you have to recognize that there are events and circumstances that can’t be understood from the viewpoint of the personal. If you see them from that perspective, you’re going to get lost and you’ll be in the wrong flow.

Somehow you have to recognize the inner unfolding and adhere to it. As you adhere to it, you begin to recognize what is the interconnected quality that’s trying to come through and you honor that.

That connection, then, is as good as it gets. Then everything continues to function. The whole schematic of the universe is a cycle of inner into outer, and the idea is for the human to become an active, conscious participant in that process.

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